Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to P-NUT!!!
My little man is now 7 years old! 

This picture was taken earlier today as we were rushing to drive Dad to the airport (notice the wet, un-blowdried hair, haha). I am wearing my very old-slash-vintage (like 10 year old) Guess dress that I salvaged while going through heaps of old clothes that we were going to donate to Ritz.

I believe this is the first Guess dress I bought. I love, love this dress and the paisley floral print. I thought that Mom threw it away, boy I'm so glad she didn't! The magical thing is, it still fits like a dream (it has a criss-cross string at the back that adjusts), verrrry 90's :)

Also, I am wearing my uber favorite NYX Tinted Lip Spa in Juicy which I absolutely adore as well! I should do a review on it soon, when I'm done with my articles and I'm not too busy with GT stuff. I am also not wearing any concealer -- basically just foundation. My eyes have been itching pretty bad and I'm trying to eliminate the usual suspects by not wearing any eye makeup or eye products. I should blog about that soon too.

P-nut at 2 years old, I took him for a walk in the park

Anyway, happy, happy birthday P-nut! He is now on senior dog food and on Glucosamine supplements  because is technically O-L-D! Please pray for him  because I want him to live til he's 15 :)

And here are pics of his brother and sister (and their respective humans) who are also celebrating their birthdays today:

Tish with Sparky (or Sparkylicious as how I fondly call him)

Mom with Chi-Chi


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