Monday, May 31, 2010

I Have Found...The Pill

Finally. I bought myself a pair of uber functional yet uber stylish lace up cage flats from Pill Footwear today. I saw these babies last April, and I vowed to come back for them soon. Well, soon turned out to be a month and a half later, but still, I was able to grab the last pair (SIZE 5) at The Ramp, Shangri-la today.


Pill Footwear is from the makers of Fashion Pill, and I can't believe it took me this long to actually buy a pair of their affordably-priced, size 5 (very important!) footwear, when I've been trolling their Multiply site for years now.

So now I can switch between Aldo and Pill whenever I need new shoes/sandals (and speaking of which, I did see some pretty nice pair of sandals over at Aldo today, for a whopping Php 2,600+. Tsk, tsk.)

The Unity flats were even on 20% sale today so I got them for a mere Php 712 (from the initial price of Php 890)! Whoopee!

Sometimes it pains me that I have size 5 feet. My boyfriend loves my feet, but it's hard shopping for petite footwear in this ever growing world. - Kira

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Heart Yakult

Drinking Yakult is like being a kid again!

I remember when I was 8 years old, my cousin Pao would down bottles of this stuff, apart from our regular addiction to the original Magnolia Chocolait in sturdy glass bottles. I have since forgotten about Yakult, and my craving for this healthy probiotic drink was awakened when I developed an insatiable taste for frozen yogurt -- White Hat, Red Mango, Yoh-gurt Froz specifically.

So why drink Yakult?

- Yakult is probiotic. It contains billions of live and active “good bacteria.” Your digestive system naturally contains trillions of all kinds of bacteria -- some are helpful, some are harmful. When you drink Yakult daily, it makes it difficult for the bad bacteria to grow.

- Yakult also gives you more of the beneficial bacteria that may help balance your digestive system and boost your natural defenses.

Yakult is NOT yogurt but rather a fermented dairy drink that contains probiotic cultures rather than yogurt cultures. The main difference between yogurt and probiotic cultures is that probiotics must have scientifically proven health benefits while yogurts do not. Another point of distinction is the type of cultures; probiotics are typically various species and strains of lactobacilli or bifidobacteria, while yogurt starter cultures are specifically Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, according to the National Yogurt Association.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NYX Tinted Lip Spa in Juicy

NYX Tinted Lip Spa (5g) is specially formulated with Vitamin E and extra moisturizing properties to nourish and condition lips while adding color. JUICY is a translucent bright red shade which provides sheer and buildable color.

Price: Php 320 + shipping

peek a boo

Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Hermit Crab Molt

Remember this little guy who molted last March? He has been living with a twisted leg as a result of improper molting.

While taking the crabs out of their crabitat and into the bathroom for their "exercise", I turned this little guy over and was surprised that it had molted! It was totally unexpected as I was thinking it would molt in about 3-4 months. But apparently, it was time for the little guy to shed its old skin.

So here are some molt pics:

Above: the newly molted crab; Below: the old exoskeleton

I've been paying close attention to keeping the sand moist ever since Georgey passed, and so I think this conducive environment has encouraged the crab to molt. I do hope the others follow suit, especially the bigger ones.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to P-NUT!!!
My little man is now 7 years old! 

This picture was taken earlier today as we were rushing to drive Dad to the airport (notice the wet, un-blowdried hair, haha). I am wearing my very old-slash-vintage (like 10 year old) Guess dress that I salvaged while going through heaps of old clothes that we were going to donate to Ritz.

I believe this is the first Guess dress I bought. I love, love this dress and the paisley floral print. I thought that Mom threw it away, boy I'm so glad she didn't! The magical thing is, it still fits like a dream (it has a criss-cross string at the back that adjusts), verrrry 90's :)

Also, I am wearing my uber favorite NYX Tinted Lip Spa in Juicy which I absolutely adore as well! I should do a review on it soon, when I'm done with my articles and I'm not too busy with GT stuff. I am also not wearing any concealer -- basically just foundation. My eyes have been itching pretty bad and I'm trying to eliminate the usual suspects by not wearing any eye makeup or eye products. I should blog about that soon too.

P-nut at 2 years old, I took him for a walk in the park

Anyway, happy, happy birthday P-nut! He is now on senior dog food and on Glucosamine supplements  because is technically O-L-D! Please pray for him  because I want him to live til he's 15 :)

And here are pics of his brother and sister (and their respective humans) who are also celebrating their birthdays today:

Tish with Sparky (or Sparkylicious as how I fondly call him)

Mom with Chi-Chi

Friday, May 21, 2010

Spa Day With Ish

After scoring some "parols" from the HQ last Tuesday, Ish and I decided to do a little window shopping in Megamall where we ended up eating Red Mango and talking about the recent elections. 

Then we decided (well actually she did) to go and treat ourselves to a spa since campaign season was over and we needed to unwind. So okay, I obliged since Ish was paying (thank you!).

Going to a spa was out of my budget and God knows I spent all my money on food and healthy frozen yogurt. Plus I haven't received any checks from work this week so...I was on tipid mode.

Now since we were already having dinner in the heart of Katipunan, we then decided to go to My Cool Mint Spa which was only a few blocks away.

My oh my, the spa was oh-so relaxing and I have Ish to thank for it. Upon entering, we were greeted by a verrry relaxing and sleep-inducing minty scent. Mmmmm... (Of course I have no pictures of the spa to show you since I wasn't on blog duty, tsk tsk.)

Unfortunately though, I forgot to tell the masseuse though to ease up on the back massaging because I was getting quite sore, but still I wanted the masseuse to concentrate on my shoulders and nape. My shoulders and nape always get a lot of beating because I am always hunched over my laptop 70% of the time. Afterwards we had a footsie spa which was all the more relaxing. Ahh...this is the life.

So anyway, we finished quite late and the boyfriend, tired as he is from work, dozed off and "forgot" to pick me up. Now normally I would be pissed off but knowing how the boyfriend works so hard and since Ish was so nice and offered me to sleep over, I kinda got on with the program as it would be a choice of either taking a cab home at 12:00 MN or just spending one night at a very nice apartment. And obviously I chose the latter.

I must say, Ish's apartment is in one word COMFY and Lucifur (her cat) was so animated that I felt right at home. So, sleeping over wasn't really such a bad idea. Take note that I rarely sleep over because, well, I don't feel okay sleeping in other houses (apart from the boyfriend's of course), plus growing up my parents did not approve of me spending my nights elsewhere.

So there. That's how my Tuesday and Wednesday went. And oh before I forget, Lucifur, the resident hunter, discovered a baby bat which made Ish and I scream in surprise (we have never seen a baby bat up close ever!).....and then we felt quite sorry for the little blind baby bat.

First off, this is the serene little Lucifur:

And this is the kawawa baby bat:

See how small the poor little guy is?

Take note that this is an old (even ancient, if you will) P1 coin

We managed to distract the cat and grab the little bat and put in amongst the flowers for safety. As with most cats, Lucifur has very strong hunting instincts (I reckon Ish said he killed birds, insects and some rodents before), and so it was imperative that we separate the two or else Lucifur would end up playing with the bat and eventually killing it. 

Sadly, when we checked the little guy at 6:00 AM the next day, it was covered in ants and then died shortly thereafter. 


Poor little bat. I hope he's okay in bat heaven.

My Cool Mint Spa is located at the
G/F Elizabeth Hall Building Katipunan Avenue Quezon City Metro Manila  
Phone: +63(2)9209531 

PS: Photo above of Ish and I was taken from the Maria launch :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goodbye, Georgey

Georgey earlier this morning

Do you remember Georgey? He was the crab that had dealt with so much stress in his life, I wondered if he would ever last a year with me.

Yesterday before leaving for the HQ party, I checked all my crabs as I always do. I noticed that Georgey was in their pool frothing clear bubbles. This seriously alarmed me because none of my crabs had ever done that, plus Georgey was totally intense on it and not budging.

Later on after I changed their drinking water, I noticed that he started to walk around but ever so slowly. I knew something was up and so I checked online crab forums and info sites to determine what I should do to this little guy. According to the Hermit Crab Association, bubbling is mostly caused by dehydration and overheating:
Most crabs bubble brown fluid when stressed and rough handling is often enough to provoke it. (rough handing is classified as arid conditions below 65% RH, temperatures exceeding 33C {92F}, where no cover is present)

The brown fluid is regurgitated from the fore gut and bubbles in the exhalant respiratory air streams, which exit close to the mouth. The fluid contains surfactants (A substance composed of lipoprotein that is secreted by the alveolar cells of the lung and serves to maintain the stability of pulmonary tissue by reducing the surface tension of fluids that coat the lung.) which cause the bubbling. This effort does further damage the gills and they will die up to 3 days from the time they do.
Please note that the excerpt above explains the bubbling of BROWN fluid. Other sites say that if the bubbles are CLEAR then it should be okay. On the contrary, I think bubbling in general is NOT a good sign. Falling off of legs are supposed to follow the bubbling episode and true enough, Georgey lost a leg this morning. Dropping legs is connected to fluctuating temperatures which is what we are currently experiencing in Metro Manila. Below is a picture of Georgey's leg in the food dish beside the pear.

Oh sadness. So I just transferred the little guy to the ISO tank so he could go in peace.

 And at 2:00 PM today, Georgey passed.

Rest in peace, Georgey :'(

Sigh. I am terribly sad. Georgey was my first crab to die of natural causes, the others seem fine now as I transferred their terrarium to the coolest part of our living room. I have yet to decide where to bury the poor guy, my Mom and sister are awfully sad too.   

The last time I lost a pet was way back in 1999 when my hamster of 2 years, Caramel, died of natural causes as well (their life spans reach only a max of 2 years). I brought Caramel with me, even to the beach where we always spend our vacations. Caramel even had a family and survived several plane rides to Mindanao. 

I love my pets, they are like family to me. I cannot imagine how life will be once P-nut, my beloved Chihuahua of 6 years, passes on to dog heaven. Coincidentally, P-nut is turning 7 years on May 23. He is as strong and as stubborn as ever, but please include him in your prayers. Dog life spans usually reach only 10 years, sometimes 13 if you're lucky.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Message from Gibo Teodoro

Maraming salamat sa inyong tulong, pawis, tiyaga, pakikisama sa ating nilakbay para sa bagong pulitika na ating itinaguyod sa malinis at marangal na pamamaraan.

Hindi man tayo nagwagi ngayon, hindi dahil hindi tama ang ating ginawa, kundi hindi pa marahil napapanahon sa isip at puso ng Pilipino ang ating ihinahain sa kanuilang kabutihan.

Salamat muli at sana magsama-sama tayo muli sa hinaharap. Kasihan nawa tayong lahat ng Diyos!

- Gibo Teodoro  
(via text message)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thank You!

Got a little emotional last Friday before I left the house to attend the Miting de Avance, I had to let it out in the bathroom. It was totally unexpected. Turns out some friends-slash-volunteers also caught the emotional bug. Everything for me (us) was so overwhelming -- we were, in all honesty, very, very happy to support such an admirable leader and his positive campaign and to have so many people join us in our journey.

I'd like to believe that each of us has experienced this overwhelming feeling of passion even once in our lives -- that feeling of tremendous joy, humility and sheer pride. It's hard to explain. We're just really, really happy.

As I've said before, win or lose I'm very happy with the path I have chosen. For the first time in my ego-centric life, I am genuinely happy to be passionately involved in something bigger than myself.

Thank you Green Team, G Force, G Squad and most especially Mahal Ko Bayan Ko (my second family) for this wonderful experience. Victory is ours!