Friday, April 2, 2010

Review: Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream

Since I am an organic and sunblock junkie, I have been itching to try out Skin Hour's Mattifying Day Cream after reading about it on Lauren's blog. Although it took me a looong while (read: a few weeks) to actually go out and get one, I ended up visiting ShopSui in Tiendesitas first so I could smell and test out the products before purchase.

A day cream that is non-clogging and oil free. Controls excess sebum the whole day. Also acts as makeup base that makes makeup long lasting. Contains pineapple extract known for its skin clearing properties and carrot to fight skin aging. Serenity variant gives a sweet yet subtle surprise to one’s face. The day cream also has SPF 15 for sun protection.

deionized aqua, organic mango butter, glyceryl stearate, sweet almond oil, organic goat milk, titanium dioxide, pineapple and carrot extract, a-tocopherol, sodium gluconate, organic non-solvent fragrance oils

I got the product on display which explains why the label looks worn down. I am not too sold on how hygienic the packaging is for the petite (25g) size since it does not include an inner lid but just cling film to keep the contents in place (eew..). Char assured me however, that the standard 50g pot has an inner lid for safety.

Although it is considered as a "cream" formulation, it seems to be more of a gel-cream type. When I hear the word CREAM it gives me images of rich, thick formulations that make your face perspire. The Skin Hour mattifying day cream is different --- it is light, non greasy, non-sticky and goes on as smooth as buttah. Depending on the weather can make my face matte for about 2-3 hours. Since we are currently experiencing very brutal summer heat, when I get oily I only have to blot my face with my trusty oil-blotting paper or just leave my face be and enjoy its dewy state.

As shown above I purchased the petite size (25g) which costs only Php 200. The pot is classy and sturdy, but when I got home and used it for the first time, it slipped out of my hands and *boom* the product was all over the place! So that explains why my pot has a huge dent on it (see pic above).  Now I wished I purchased the 50g pot with the inner lid....

The cream itself has a mildy sweet scent which is neither sickening nor overpowering, and dissipates upon application. Lauren says it smells like pineapple, and although I can't quite put my finger on it, I would have to agree that maybe it does smell like pineapple.

I mainly use this as my regular daily moisturizer when I work from home or go on short trips outside. When I know that I'll be under the sun for a long time or need a good base for makeup I still rely on my VMV Baby Armada SPF 50 sa a base/primer. As mentioned in my previous entries, my face needs a little help in the brightening department hence my need to use a semi-opaque sunblock. My skin looks a little bit meh when I use just ordinary moisturizer.

So will I repurchase this product?

YES, I will definitely repurchase this and get the bigger tub next time. This product is so affordable and does an aha-mazing job in the mattifying department. And look at the ingredients list -- no parabens, dimethicones and other nasty chemicals!

For more info on Skin Hour products click here.


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