Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review: Prestige Wet/Dry Powder Foundation

I've been using Palladio's Natural Rice Foundation for a couple of months before I switched to Prestige. Prior to Palladio, I was always dumbfounded when I'd get to Beauty Bar as I'd have difficulty choosing which brand to buy -- Palladio or Prestige? Palladio or Prestige? Palladio or Prestige? (repeat several times with matching hand gesture).

Later on, the all-natural AHA ingredients of Palladio won me over, hence the purchase. However sometimes, the Rice Powder can get cakey, and the coverage was becoming too heavy for summer. So eventually, I had to buy the Prestige Wet/Dry Foundation. And boy I never looked back since!


What I like:

- the lightest shade (Warm Ivory) matches my skin tone very well
- lightweight enough for this terrible summer heat
- does not cake, unscented and absorbs oil (hooray!)
- does not oxidize on me
- has tiny shimmers for added luminosity (you will not have a flat matte look with this powder)
- sheer coverage when dry, medium when wet
- costs only Php 500 and available in all Beauty Bar outlets

When I tried this [dry] for the first time, I felt it was just meh. It was too sheer and the coverage was similar to face powder. And then I recently just tried it wet, and I realized that it provides better coverage when used that way.

Now since I use Skin Hour's Mattifying Day Cream prior to foundation, here's a trick I learned so your moisturizer won't slide off your face along with the wet sponge: Get a decent amount of foundation on your puff, and without applying too much effort, dab the foundation onto your face. Dab, dab, dab. Do not rub, because you'll only be removing your moisturizer as well! Remember, water + moisturizer = slippery base.

This foundation is as light as the Maybelline Angelfit, but think more coverage + oil control. The Prestige Foundation has micro-shimmer (so tiny you'll have to look up close) which gives more depth and luminosity to my face. It doesn't have those crazy pearlescent shimmers like Angelfit.

Due to its "light" formulation and oil-absorbing qualities, I only have to blot before reapplying (or sometimes I don't even have to blot at all). This product is great in this wretched weather because it doesn't make the skin sticky and it doesn't cake/clump when I perspire. Pretty important when I go out and campaign under the sun because who likes to touch up every few hours or so?

What I don't like:

- Case is a bit bulky
- the mirror is UNDERNEATH the compact (weird huh? takes some time getting used to it)
- I don't like the sponge that came along with it -- it was too thin and flimsy so I resorted to using my regular non-latex sponge (any circular or rectangular sponge will fit nicely)

There isn't really much to dislike about this product apart from the packaging. I hope Beauty Bar continues to carry the Prestige line for years to come because they really have awesome, affordable products that work (I am eyeing their Light Response Concealer next) :)

Price: Prestige Wet/Dry Powder Foundation is only Php 500

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  1. How much does it cost? :) I'm looking for a cheaper alternative to my Clinique pressed powder. It works great but I feel bad shelling out 1,400 every time I need to replace it!

  2. Hi Lauren! It's only P500. I am obviously a drugstore girl as almost all my cosmetics are P500 and below....I only splurge on the occasional lipstick from Shu, MAC or Lancome.

    Prestige has 3 other shades (I think) and they have pressed powder as well. Hope this item works for you :)

  3. I've never really used powder foundation because most of what I tried on makeup counters were too cakey for me so they don't look natural. But now I find that even my tinted moisturizers are sliding off my face from this heat! Maybe I'll try this one. Man, we have so much to deal with in this tropical country. @_@

  4. Hi alex! First let me say that I think you guys did a great job on that promod styling thing. I loved your styles the most! :)

    The Prestige foundation is really light, almost like pressed powder. So if you have good skin and dont need much coverage, I think it should work well for you. I'm enjoying it so far (almost a month of usage) :)

  5. Hey Kira! Hope you don't mind if I use your photo for my POC article on foundation. :)