Saturday, April 10, 2010

PP Loves Apples!


After weeks of trying to "capture" PP eating, I was able to take some shots tonight! While the crabs were exercising in the bath, I placed some chunks of apples and immediately Max went over and started eating, while the other crabs followed -- all except PP. I decided to wait some more, PP might come to her senses and decide to eat.

Fifteen minutes later, PP was still too preoccupied with exploring the area and trying to climb the pole (to no avail, PP apparently is too heavy and she kept sliding down). I decided to pick her up and position her near the food.

PP spots the apples and comes to investigate (her antennaes are flicking like mad)

She spots me and my camera and starts to recoil back into her shell...while still continuing to eat.

Georgey investigates the other apple chunks

And here she is grasping the apple chunk and eating with her large claw (remember, she lost her smaller claw before)

There's Maximus eating the other apple, and Georgey on the right climbing the log

Look at PP hogging the apple! I believe she was eating for at least 10 minutes!

So there. At least now I know that PP isn't starving to death. I've only caught her drinking and submerging herself in the water bowl and haven't seen her eat since the time I got her a few weeks ago. I am so excited I hope she molts soon so she can grow back her missing chelipeds and legs :)


  1. Your purple pincher is so lovely! Good to know she's doing fine. :)

  2. Thanks Lauren! She's very mahinhin when she walks, she doesn't scurry about like the others. Nakakatuwa :)

  3. Pretty shots dearie! Funny PP. Those are hermit crabs, right? I had one of those little hermit crabs when I was in elementary but unfortunately it died after a few days. Probably because of improper care. :(

    Lots of love,

  4. Hi Golden! Thank you for reading my blog :) I can totally relate, I had countless hermit crabs that I picked up from the beach when I was a kid. Sadly they all died too, I think I may have drowned them. Of course I didn't know any better :p

  5. Super cute pets kira! I am assuming PP is the purple one, right? She's a beauty, especially her unique color. Though I doubt if hermit crabs would be a good pet for Zeegy. They might die within hours if Zeegy plays with them. Tee hee!! :-D

  6. Hi Cherick! Yup, PP is short for Purple Pincher, it's a specie of hermit crabs :)

    I got into this kasi naawa ako sa crabs :( And I grew fond of them na so I currently have 9. I think Ziggy should have his own drum set na lang haha, wag muna pets :) Pls pinch Ziggy cute for me :)