Monday, April 12, 2010

The Coco Condo is Here!

Boy oh boy. I endured the sweltering heat just to trek over to Megamall and purchase the last hermit crab accessory I shall ever need. The shopgirl was in dire confusion when I told her I wanted to get the remaining cocohut -- she just calls it a coconut. So much for imagination.

*Kira rolls eyes*

Anyhoo, turns out it was bigger than how I last remembered it so I had to do an impromptu measuring (complete with hand gestures and all) to make sure that it would fit inside my terrarium. Well, it was too cute to pass up so I got it anyway.

Guys, say hello to my NEW coco condo!

Complete with a coconut tree (with actual coconuts!) and googly eyes. I am so lovin' the bangs!

[enter the song] "The coconut nut is a giant nut...."

It's got enough space for all 9 crabs to sleep in during the daytime

The crabs were just raring to get inside the condo!!!

Chomp! Chomp!


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