Friday, April 9, 2010


Why Berde-8?

For the simple reason that Gibo's color motif is green and he is #8 on the ballot! So don't forget, vote Gibo 8! :)

After the success of the first Gibo event, I was more than excited to participate in the next one! Ish and I, as usual, were taking our dear sweet time walking from Glorietta to the Mandarin Hotel (the meeting point) -- which in my opinion, was about a kilometer away. Thank God the temp today wasn't as high as yesterday's (read: 36 degrees).

The Berde-8 started at around 5:30pm. Participants were all grouped together and asked to go around certain parts of Makati to spread the word about Gibo, give out flyers, stickers, ballers and tie green ribbons on willing motorists.

Ish and I were part of Group 1, and surprisingly, I bumped into Mrs. Alcid (the lovely woman who owns the building where MLNW was previously located) who is a staunch Gibo supporter. I also bumped into Amie and Pansy Paterno -- very hardwoking and passionate 80-year olds whose energy levels exceed ours. Seeing them on times like these is always a treat!

Here are some photos from the event:

Bella the pooch donning her green attire :)

These guys willingly scraped off their Noy-Mar sticker and replaced it with Gibo's

MAPA is a Gibo supporter too!

Security Guard at Paseo Center asked for several ballers and wore them right away

New friends: Michael and Learjan

Ish, Me, Harold and Chris

Alvin, Ish, Michael, Me, Learjan, Chris

Of course, with the venerable Paterno sisters :)

She won a limited edition Gibo watch for her "greenest" ensemble :)

I always have fun at Gibo campaigns/events, especially when you are surrounded by inspiring people such as Pansy and Amie Paterno (the very fab and very nice Paterno sisters), Chris Lim, Alvin Gococo and Harold King. 

Special thanks to Alvin for our group pictures. See you guys next time :)

Join us and campaign for G1bo!

Visit the G1BO Volunteer Center
2/F 173 CSP Building , Edsa (in front of Poveda)

Phone number 722-2481 to 82


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