Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Campaign Photos..and Being Nostalgic

The moment I signed up to become a GIBOlunteer I knew my work was cut out for me. I had given my full strength and concentration on rallying, campaigning, flyering, talking to pedestrians even trekking under the hot summer sun. And as a volunteer, we were not expecting ANY form of payment. The joy of being with fellow volunteers who were as passionate, and the satisfaction of serving such an admirable leader was enough. Win or lose, I am proud of the path I have chosen.

However, come mid-April I was already starting to feel nostalgic. I was not prepared to say good bye to all my fellow volunteers (some as young as 8 and some as old as 80!) come end of the campaign season, and cease our regular Tuesday meetings. Of course, this is literally not the end, because I shall still be joining "Mahal Ko Bayan Ko" (MKBK) in their future medical missions. But you know, I am just a sentimental kind of girl.

Here are some pictures from our previous Berde-8 events that I wasn't able to blog about (for more pics please check my Facebook). Most photos were taken last week at Cubao, the supposed NoyMar country.


Tomorrow is our last Berde-8 event at Alabang (details below):

Friday, April 30, 2010
3:00pm - 7:00pm
Liwasan "Peoples" Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa City (near Alabang City Terminal, in front of Jollibee and Metropolis Starmall)

And then the volunteers have organized a Grand Motorcade for GIBO-EDU on May 1:

NCR Grand Motorcade/ Caravan for GIBO

We call on all GIBO supporters and volunteers to join the biggest motorcade ever in the NCR… our Grand Caravan for GIBO!!! We will parade our way from four converging points leading up to the CCP Complex to meet our fellow volunteers for the PAMBATO NG BAYAN: VOLUNTEERS PARTY FOR G1BO-EDU! Join up and let us show the Philippines our GIBO force!!!

There will be five teams (8-G,I, B,O) of supporters and volunteers who will join the caravan. You are encouraged to join the teams nearest to your place. Below are locations, assembly time and coordinators whom you can contact for any questions or to confirm attendance.

Converging Point 8 = Southern NCR Residents
(Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Paranaque, Taguig, Pasay, Makati and Pateros.)
Fully-Booked Bookshop Parking Lot
Bonifacio High Street, 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.
Assembly Time: 12:00nn
Coordinators: Lydia Nabong - 09178903122/09228903122/4250942
Raymond Pula -

Converging Point G
Location: Freedom Park Monument, White Plains Road, corner EDSA
Assembly Time: 1:00PM
Coordinators: Camille Zamora – 0906-2053308 / 0933-5252902
Julius Puruganan – 0917-5411918

Converging Point I
Location: Toyota Balintawak along EDSA, Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City
Assembly Time: 1:30PM
Coordinators: Sarge Bernardino – 0917-2087150
Dan Remo – 0917-5372161

Converging Point B
Location: 7-11 Convenience Store (in front of Shell Gas Station), MacArthur Highway, BBB, Marulas Valenzuela
Assembly Time: 2:00PM
Coordinators: Rizza Gunigundo – 0917-6016858

Converging Point O
Location: H. Lopez St. Along C3 Road
Assembly Time: 2:30PM
Coordinators: Jerwin Bacsal – 0928-2677716

Watch how our caravan grows longer and stronger all the way up to the CCP Complex!!! Tara! Sakay Na! Sulong Na! SULONG G1BO!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Purple Pincher Learns to Type

I love my little Purple Pincher. She's very mahinhin and has not once tried to pinch me. She likes climbing, eating apples and keeping to herself.

And my other angel just had her bath yesterday. She's so white :)

PS: P-nut is masungit and did not want to have his picture taken today, maybe next time.

Review: Prestige Wet/Dry Powder Foundation

I've been using Palladio's Natural Rice Foundation for a couple of months before I switched to Prestige. Prior to Palladio, I was always dumbfounded when I'd get to Beauty Bar as I'd have difficulty choosing which brand to buy -- Palladio or Prestige? Palladio or Prestige? Palladio or Prestige? (repeat several times with matching hand gesture).

Later on, the all-natural AHA ingredients of Palladio won me over, hence the purchase. However sometimes, the Rice Powder can get cakey, and the coverage was becoming too heavy for summer. So eventually, I had to buy the Prestige Wet/Dry Foundation. And boy I never looked back since!


What I like:

- the lightest shade (Warm Ivory) matches my skin tone very well
- lightweight enough for this terrible summer heat
- does not cake, unscented and absorbs oil (hooray!)
- does not oxidize on me
- has tiny shimmers for added luminosity (you will not have a flat matte look with this powder)
- sheer coverage when dry, medium when wet
- costs only Php 500 and available in all Beauty Bar outlets

When I tried this [dry] for the first time, I felt it was just meh. It was too sheer and the coverage was similar to face powder. And then I recently just tried it wet, and I realized that it provides better coverage when used that way.

Now since I use Skin Hour's Mattifying Day Cream prior to foundation, here's a trick I learned so your moisturizer won't slide off your face along with the wet sponge: Get a decent amount of foundation on your puff, and without applying too much effort, dab the foundation onto your face. Dab, dab, dab. Do not rub, because you'll only be removing your moisturizer as well! Remember, water + moisturizer = slippery base.

This foundation is as light as the Maybelline Angelfit, but think more coverage + oil control. The Prestige Foundation has micro-shimmer (so tiny you'll have to look up close) which gives more depth and luminosity to my face. It doesn't have those crazy pearlescent shimmers like Angelfit.

Due to its "light" formulation and oil-absorbing qualities, I only have to blot before reapplying (or sometimes I don't even have to blot at all). This product is great in this wretched weather because it doesn't make the skin sticky and it doesn't cake/clump when I perspire. Pretty important when I go out and campaign under the sun because who likes to touch up every few hours or so?

What I don't like:

- Case is a bit bulky
- the mirror is UNDERNEATH the compact (weird huh? takes some time getting used to it)
- I don't like the sponge that came along with it -- it was too thin and flimsy so I resorted to using my regular non-latex sponge (any circular or rectangular sponge will fit nicely)

There isn't really much to dislike about this product apart from the packaging. I hope Beauty Bar continues to carry the Prestige line for years to come because they really have awesome, affordable products that work (I am eyeing their Light Response Concealer next) :)

Price: Prestige Wet/Dry Powder Foundation is only Php 500

And a shameless plug:

Yes, I wear my ballers everday too! 
Vote GIBO for President and BELLO for Senator :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nomnomnom at Grilla

I got my laptop back! Yipee!

I think I announced on Twitter a long while back that we bought new laptops (MSI and DELL) and I just got my MSI back today after the technician installed Windows 7 and MS Office for FREE. (Thank you, Mr. Technician. I don't know your name but I am awfully grateful!) And thank you also to my boyfriend, Mark, for taking care of everything and delivering it to my doorstop today.

I met up with Tony today at Greenhills to give him some more Gibo campaign materials. I always try to share my materials with other staunch supporters, apparently I have so many posters, ballers, flyers and fans since I am at the volunteer center several times a week. So it is only but right to share the wealth.

I haven't seen Tony for 2 long years. I kinda "forgot" about him cos I've been so busy, but it's nice that we both are on the same wavelength with regards to politics and voting. I am happy to say that I have Ish and Tony to consult whenever I have a campaign "dilemma". Tony is the son of the now retired Gen. Tucay, so you can only imagine how interesting and informative his [inside] stories are.

Now since it's already 3 A.M., I'd like to share with you some foodie pics that I took today. We had a late lunch at Grilla (I am a fan of their creamy pumpkin soup):

Garlic Mushrooms, Pork Barbecue, Quail Eggs, Baked Mussels, Nachos

3 kinds of sisig: squid, tofu and pork


And this is Tonyboy (he will kill me for posting this photo)

So that's all for now. I really have to get some shut-eye. Goodnight everyone! Happy Monday ;)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Important Election Reminders

These were discussed at our Election Workshop at Gibo HQ today with Atty. Macalintal:

* please shade the ovals properly -- at least 75% shaded and no shading BEYOND the oval
* do not use check marks, X marks and other foreign symbols or your ballot will be rejected

* do not use ballpens, MARKERS will be provided at the precincts

* if you make a mistake (ex. you voted 2 Party-lists or 13 Senators), only that portion will not be counted. All other portions with CORRECTLY SHADED entries shall be counted



(please click to view)

You can also download this at:

For ballot templates for your specific area:

The ballot will tell you how many you need to vote per position --- PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Coco Condo is Here!

Boy oh boy. I endured the sweltering heat just to trek over to Megamall and purchase the last hermit crab accessory I shall ever need. The shopgirl was in dire confusion when I told her I wanted to get the remaining cocohut -- she just calls it a coconut. So much for imagination.

*Kira rolls eyes*

Anyhoo, turns out it was bigger than how I last remembered it so I had to do an impromptu measuring (complete with hand gestures and all) to make sure that it would fit inside my terrarium. Well, it was too cute to pass up so I got it anyway.

Guys, say hello to my NEW coco condo!

Complete with a coconut tree (with actual coconuts!) and googly eyes. I am so lovin' the bangs!

[enter the song] "The coconut nut is a giant nut...."

It's got enough space for all 9 crabs to sleep in during the daytime

The crabs were just raring to get inside the condo!!!

Chomp! Chomp!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

PP Loves Apples!


After weeks of trying to "capture" PP eating, I was able to take some shots tonight! While the crabs were exercising in the bath, I placed some chunks of apples and immediately Max went over and started eating, while the other crabs followed -- all except PP. I decided to wait some more, PP might come to her senses and decide to eat.

Fifteen minutes later, PP was still too preoccupied with exploring the area and trying to climb the pole (to no avail, PP apparently is too heavy and she kept sliding down). I decided to pick her up and position her near the food.

PP spots the apples and comes to investigate (her antennaes are flicking like mad)

She spots me and my camera and starts to recoil back into her shell...while still continuing to eat.

Georgey investigates the other apple chunks

And here she is grasping the apple chunk and eating with her large claw (remember, she lost her smaller claw before)

There's Maximus eating the other apple, and Georgey on the right climbing the log

Look at PP hogging the apple! I believe she was eating for at least 10 minutes!

So there. At least now I know that PP isn't starving to death. I've only caught her drinking and submerging herself in the water bowl and haven't seen her eat since the time I got her a few weeks ago. I am so excited I hope she molts soon so she can grow back her missing chelipeds and legs :)

Friday, April 9, 2010


Why Berde-8?

For the simple reason that Gibo's color motif is green and he is #8 on the ballot! So don't forget, vote Gibo 8! :)

After the success of the first Gibo event, I was more than excited to participate in the next one! Ish and I, as usual, were taking our dear sweet time walking from Glorietta to the Mandarin Hotel (the meeting point) -- which in my opinion, was about a kilometer away. Thank God the temp today wasn't as high as yesterday's (read: 36 degrees).

The Berde-8 started at around 5:30pm. Participants were all grouped together and asked to go around certain parts of Makati to spread the word about Gibo, give out flyers, stickers, ballers and tie green ribbons on willing motorists.

Ish and I were part of Group 1, and surprisingly, I bumped into Mrs. Alcid (the lovely woman who owns the building where MLNW was previously located) who is a staunch Gibo supporter. I also bumped into Amie and Pansy Paterno -- very hardwoking and passionate 80-year olds whose energy levels exceed ours. Seeing them on times like these is always a treat!

Here are some photos from the event:

Bella the pooch donning her green attire :)

These guys willingly scraped off their Noy-Mar sticker and replaced it with Gibo's

MAPA is a Gibo supporter too!

Security Guard at Paseo Center asked for several ballers and wore them right away

New friends: Michael and Learjan

Ish, Me, Harold and Chris

Alvin, Ish, Michael, Me, Learjan, Chris

Of course, with the venerable Paterno sisters :)

She won a limited edition Gibo watch for her "greenest" ensemble :)

I always have fun at Gibo campaigns/events, especially when you are surrounded by inspiring people such as Pansy and Amie Paterno (the very fab and very nice Paterno sisters), Chris Lim, Alvin Gococo and Harold King. 

Special thanks to Alvin for our group pictures. See you guys next time :)

Join us and campaign for G1bo!

Visit the G1BO Volunteer Center
2/F 173 CSP Building , Edsa (in front of Poveda)

Phone number 722-2481 to 82

Friday, April 2, 2010

Review: Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream

Since I am an organic and sunblock junkie, I have been itching to try out Skin Hour's Mattifying Day Cream after reading about it on Lauren's blog. Although it took me a looong while (read: a few weeks) to actually go out and get one, I ended up visiting ShopSui in Tiendesitas first so I could smell and test out the products before purchase.

A day cream that is non-clogging and oil free. Controls excess sebum the whole day. Also acts as makeup base that makes makeup long lasting. Contains pineapple extract known for its skin clearing properties and carrot to fight skin aging. Serenity variant gives a sweet yet subtle surprise to one’s face. The day cream also has SPF 15 for sun protection.

deionized aqua, organic mango butter, glyceryl stearate, sweet almond oil, organic goat milk, titanium dioxide, pineapple and carrot extract, a-tocopherol, sodium gluconate, organic non-solvent fragrance oils

I got the product on display which explains why the label looks worn down. I am not too sold on how hygienic the packaging is for the petite (25g) size since it does not include an inner lid but just cling film to keep the contents in place (eew..). Char assured me however, that the standard 50g pot has an inner lid for safety.

Although it is considered as a "cream" formulation, it seems to be more of a gel-cream type. When I hear the word CREAM it gives me images of rich, thick formulations that make your face perspire. The Skin Hour mattifying day cream is different --- it is light, non greasy, non-sticky and goes on as smooth as buttah. Depending on the weather can make my face matte for about 2-3 hours. Since we are currently experiencing very brutal summer heat, when I get oily I only have to blot my face with my trusty oil-blotting paper or just leave my face be and enjoy its dewy state.

As shown above I purchased the petite size (25g) which costs only Php 200. The pot is classy and sturdy, but when I got home and used it for the first time, it slipped out of my hands and *boom* the product was all over the place! So that explains why my pot has a huge dent on it (see pic above).  Now I wished I purchased the 50g pot with the inner lid....

The cream itself has a mildy sweet scent which is neither sickening nor overpowering, and dissipates upon application. Lauren says it smells like pineapple, and although I can't quite put my finger on it, I would have to agree that maybe it does smell like pineapple.

I mainly use this as my regular daily moisturizer when I work from home or go on short trips outside. When I know that I'll be under the sun for a long time or need a good base for makeup I still rely on my VMV Baby Armada SPF 50 sa a base/primer. As mentioned in my previous entries, my face needs a little help in the brightening department hence my need to use a semi-opaque sunblock. My skin looks a little bit meh when I use just ordinary moisturizer.

So will I repurchase this product?

YES, I will definitely repurchase this and get the bigger tub next time. This product is so affordable and does an aha-mazing job in the mattifying department. And look at the ingredients list -- no parabens, dimethicones and other nasty chemicals!

For more info on Skin Hour products click here.

Cocohut Condo

Remember the crab house I purchased last month? Well, the crabs were doing just fine until PP came along. Turns out she coudn't fit into the opening, so she's been sleeping outside while all the other crabs were huddled inside. Poor little crab :(

So I decided I'd get her a Cocohut one of these days with a wider opening. I know that store in Megamall sells one for Php 300. Here are some samples of Cocohuts I've found online, I think the Tikihut is particularly interesting...


This Tikihut is too cute

Coco Condo

Watch out for the launch of their Coco Condo on this blog soon :)