Sunday, March 21, 2010

Your Weekly Dose of Beauty & Fashion at The POC


Sizzling Summer: The Avon Fashions Summer Launch You've got the cool clothes, Avon's got the hot underwear! Coverage by Kira (that's me!).
Camp Nivea Coverage of the uber-cool camp for teenage stars! Written by my editor, Liz.
Sean John launches newest fragrance "I Am King" The rapper's sophistication and lifestyle in a bottle

Summer-ready finds at the Soleil Bazaar Lauren talks about her amazing finds at the the recently-concluded bazaar
Real people, Real clothes column Every Friday, Alex showcases the best of street fashion
Beauty for a cause Beauty is nearly not as shallow as you think. Here are brands that try to contribute to our society's well-being
Accessorize right! It's easy to accessorize...not! Mara tells us how to wear accessories without looking like a tool
Indie/hipsters: defying the mainstream Tanya deconstructs the hipster evolution

What's next after the basics? So you've got everything you need. As any self-respecting woman will ask...what else? Mara says what else!
Green light: Natural bath and body wellness alternatives Be beautiful the natural way. You heard that right! This is coming from Kira, a fan of organic and natural products (another interesting article written by yours  truly).
Clinique Youth Surge and the ingredients for lasting youth We can't be young forever but there are ways to slow it down. Lauren shares the secret recipe.

Get That Job! How to prepare and what to wear for that dream job. By Nikki!
Top ten makeup nonessentials The makeup you don't really need but got to have if you want to enhance your collection. By Nikki
Makeup that doesn't melt Don't you just hate it when, as early as lunch time, your makeup is already ruined? Kira writes about the products that are built to last under this crazy summer heat
Fearless fashion forecast Alex is on top of the trends this coming quarter. Find out the next hottest things to wear!


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