Friday, March 12, 2010

Molt Alert: Cornelia Successfully Molts

This week alone, two more crabs molted -- Cornelia and one of my crabs that is yet to be named. Cornelia is my smallest hermit crab, about an inch long shell included.

This is Cornelia

The other crab, however, molted and has a twisted leg. I guess he wasn't able to molt properly, or I may have disturbed his molt when I checked on him a few days ago.

See the twisted leg? I feel bad for him :(

This image just breaks my heart, poor little guy :( The twisted leg though hasn't affected this little hermie's spirit. He's as strong as ever, and he might be able to join the rest of the gang in the main crabitat soon.

I only have 3 more hermit crabs who haven't molted -- the two big ones (Gigantor and Hercules) and one more unnamed crab. I may have to name all of them soon so you guys won't get confused. To date, 6 crabs have names and 2 don't.
In other news, I am still trying to get the hang of the Blogspot editor. It's a far cry from my old Vox Editor which was more of a no-brainer with a complete set of buttons including a video uploader. My current editor looks so outdated, simple and unattractive. Plus, it has no video uploader -- I still have to embed it in HTML. Sucks.


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