Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Soft Launch Today: POC Fashion & Beauty

I've mentioned before that I've recently started to write for an online newspaper, The Philippine Online Chronicles. I never thought I'd actually get to write and earn at the same time (which I've always secretly wanted to do), so I'm quite giddy at my new hyphenate as an "official" WRITER (as Mark prefers to call me; emphasis on OFFICIAL -- he does not approve of my status as just a BLOGGER).

The site was soft launched today, with new articles spearheaded by Liz (my editor) and my fellow writers/bloggers. All the articles are written by young twenty-something (I shall not divulge my age LOL) beauty and fashion enthusiasts, so we promise not to bore you with the usual, run-of-the-mill stuff you'd find online.

My articles should be up in a few days. Help me spread the word and help me promote the site! Link us up!


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  1. Wow!!! I somehow missed the post where you said you were going to were going to become an official blogger. That's fantastic!!! Good for you!!

  2. Thank you! :) My articles should be up in a few days so please check back soon :)