Saturday, March 20, 2010

Setting the Record Straight

I remember LBreeze asking me about the gender of my hermit crabs. I got curious and so a few weeks ago after the crabs' weekly bath, I finally turned them over and checked.

A female hermit crab has gonopores or 2 holes on their 3rd set of legs as shown below. The males have no holes underneath. It's hard to get the crabs to show you their underbelly, but I've found that they are more willing to do so after taking a bath.

I was surprised to dicover the genders of my crabs, after all I have named most of them already. Anyhoo, their names stay regardless of their sex.

Gigantor - male
Hercules - male
Georgey - male
Mortimer - male
Cornelia - male
1 unnamed crab - male

Maximus - female
Purple Pincher - female
1 unnamed crab - female

The males outnumber the females in my tank!

I can't say if the males are more aggressive than the females or vise versa. Their personalities vary, sometimes Max bullies all the smaller crabs, and other times Gigantor is the timid one.


  1. Can you breed hermit crabs? What if they end up having sex with each other? o_o

  2. I was initially thinking they could breed easily in captivity,
    but after researching a bit I discovered that breeding them is almost next to impossible, not to mention too complicated for the average crab enthusiast.

    If the femals DOES lay eggs, there is a huge possibility that the little guys may not survive because the conditions in captivity are way different that those in the wild. It lacks the natural saltwater and natural microorganisms that are necessary for the babies' survival.

    Although there are some crab owners that have been somewhat successful in this task. You can view this link for more info: :)