Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Ukay Manila Favorites

Here's a preview of the vintage dresses I've acquired from Ukay Manila. As you can see I go for the dreamy, lacey dresses because I'm feminine like that.
I wore this to our Valentine's day date. I really love the color and the detail on the neckline. It's just so girly :)
More lacey details! This has an adjustable empire waist, perfect for petite girls like me.
A fierce dresses with a classic silhouette that will definitely stay stylish in the years to come. I really fancy the frilly hemline.

I should go on dress rehab because I've got too many pretty dresses but I don't really get to wear them ALL the time. I must save money somehow. Shopping for dresses and makeup can take a toll on one's finances. Hee-hee.

Ukay Manila is owned by fellow writer, Lauren  and POC editor, Liz. They upload new items every Monday morning on http://www.ukaymanila.com :)


  1. Very pretty. I bet they look awesome on you!!

  2. Gee thanks :) I'll post pics of me wearing these pretty dresses. Sometimes I just don't have a camera on me, so I forget ;p

  3. Looking forward to the pics. You can message me just so I don't miss them!!!