Friday, March 19, 2010

I've Got a Coenobita Brevimanus!

After doing some errands which involved banks and land titles, I decided in the spur of the moment, to go to Ortigas and just try to shop and chill. Ortigas is one of those cities that will remain close to my heart. I've worked there for quite some time and have somehow learned to enjoy the "laidback" lifestyle. Compared to Makati which is more of a "rat race", I think Ortigas is more conducive for long walks and chilling after work. On the contrary, my boyfriend who is a workaholic, totally loathes Ortigas for the same reasons I love it. Oh well, to each his own.

I started my so-called journey in Galleria to check some good department store bargains and new dresses at Freeway (I totally love this store for their XS-S sizing). I got an acid washed v-neck denim dress then decided to visit the nearby Megamall. This is usually my route after work: Emerald Ave. > Robinsons Galleria > Podium > Megamall > MRT = yes another reason to love Ortigas for its super accessible malls.

Anyhoo, while killing time at Megamall and checking out makeup stores, I just accidentally found myself on the lower ground floor while waiting for Mark to pick me up. Then lo and behold, I saw Lucky Hermits! They just opened a few weeks back and although I really had NO intention of buying new crabs (and expensive ones at that!), I just fell in love with the little buggers. It also helped that there were literally flocks of people at their kiosk and well, I kinda figured God brought me here and maybe He would like me to take care of just one more hermie (hee-hee).

These are the crabs with painted shells which run for about Php 180-250 depending on its size. Just a word of advice: please DO NOT buy crabs with these kinds of shells! They say the painted shells are non-toxic, but they are only considered as non-toxic to humans only -- the crab may stick to the inside of the shells because of the paint, or die eating some paint particles.

These are the hermies with natural shells which run for Php 150. Natural shells are better and safer for our little crabby friends.

See how many crabs they are selling? Kawawa naman ano? I wonder where these guys are from. Lucky Hermits offer mostly Indo Crabs, also called Coenobita Brevimanus. I really, really wanted a Perlatus (Strawberry) Crab which is a bright red color, but I guess those aren't available here yet.

The cool thing was that while choosing a crab, I met a Mom who flew all the way from Cabanatuan to purchase some for herself and her kids. She was SO into the crab thing that she asked me tons of questions about crabs and how to care for them. Of course, I obliged because I like talking to crab enthusiasts (as long as you are passionate about pets, then you are my best friend *giggle*). She asked for some pointers and I helped her choose the substrate and gave her tips on cleaning the crabitat too. Eventually, she went home with 5 crabs and a few crab accessories.

I was dumbfounded for 20 minutes as to which crab I should take home. I was stumped between these two:

I somehow felt like I should take the red one because all of my crabs are a bit purplish and dark grey, I need more color in my tank. I should mention, that when choosing crabs, make sure all his limbs are complete. Choose one who actively comes out of his shell. You want to make sure you are getting a healthy crab, but one that is not overly aggressive or it may not get along well with the other crabs in your tank.

I'd like to share that Lucky Hermits also sells humongous crabs -- as in ones that are as big as tennis balls, no kidding! These babies go for Php 500-1000 depending on how big they are.

And this is the one I took home with me:

I got her for Php 150 because it came in an unpainted shell. It's red and bigger than Gigantor or Hercules. I had to pay an extra Php 60 for the travelling container.

Say hello to my new crabbie! I decided to call her PP because I thought she was as Purple Pincher when I first got her.

Look at that HUGE claw!!! I got her even if some of its limbs were not in excellent condition, she probably got into a fight with the other crabs which explains why some of her legs were cut off. Being in a huge tank crowded with 50 crabs was just traumatic, this little one is a toughie and deserves a new home.

As of writing, the other crabs are distancing themselves from the PP. It may take a few days or weeks for them to adjust and for the PP to acclimate in the crabitat. I sent my Dad MMS photos of my new PP and he loves it! He also said I should've gotten the huge ones instead. Uh-oh.


  1. Can you do a post on how to tell the difference between PP and indo crabs? its confusing all the time. Thank you