Friday, March 26, 2010

Gibo Green Friday

Thank you to my dear friend and ardent Gibo supporter, Ish for inviting me to Gibo's "Green Friday", the kickstart to Gibo's Green Campaign 2010. It was my first time to actively participate in Gibo's presidential campaign, though not my first time to actually campaign for somebody.

When I was in grade 3 I helped in my uncle's campaign for councilor in our little province. The days were long and arduous, and I was awake by 6:00 AM (talk about spending my summer vacation), but I have to admit that amidst the summer heat, exhaustion and trekking, it was actually lots of fun. At 10 years old, I was exposed to different kinds of people (and I mean ALL types). At our province, we were exposed to the poorest of the poor, and I saw how life was for farmers, fishermen, and the marginalized sector of society, even the rich and affluent. I liked flyering, attending symposiums and listening to miting de avances most. I enjoyed listening to the candidates and even though I could not vote at such at young age, educating myself on how the political system works was top priority.

I ended up spending my whole vacation on campaigning, and my uncle won of course. I later rejoined my uncle's team each and every election until unfortunately, I had to go to college and look for a job. I haven't been able to campaign for anyone else since.

Until now.

I have to admit, having to wake up at 4:30 AM to get ready for Gibo's Green Friday was daunting. My "work" hours have shifted and I usually retire by 2:00 - 3:00 AM. Working many years in the BPO industry has changed my body clock indefinitely -- sometimes I sleep as early as 10:00 PM while sometimes I am up all night. It comes and goes, go figure.

But one thing was for sure, I was excited as hell! I wanted to participate/campaign actively for a candidate I believe in and am passionate about. I believe Gibo is the most capable of all presidential candidates, plus he's the only one with a platform for sustainable development. Of course, voting is an entirely personal choice and am in no position to impose on anyone, but I am very much willing to aid in educating our masses with regards to voting. It is a one time thing after all, and a person should very well think once, twice, even several times before s/he casts the vote.

We were asked to wear green today which is the Gibo color. And immediately upon reaching the volunteers headquarters along Edsa, were were greeted with lots of green balloons, green flags and green dragons which excited us even more. It also helped that we met very helpful and inspiring people all throughout the activity such as Jennie Celdran, Chris Lim, Mark Escueta (who took our photo above) and of course Mrs. Pansy Paterno whom I chatted with. I was so inspired by her energy and passion -- and at 80 years old she could outshout and outchant us any day! She didn't even have a megaphone! I, for one, was sick with cough and colds but still, I shouted my lungs out for the motorists. There is no reason not to go all out 100% today.

Mrs. Pansy Paterno was as inspiration to everyone!

She loves Gibo too!

A pretty butterfly campaigning for Gibo

And then at 8:30 AM the man of the hour arrived! This excited the people even more and I spotted our VP candidate, Edu Manzano first. What happened thereafter was nothing short of a frenzy! Media people, GIBOlunteers (that's us!) and onlookers raced to shake the hand out both Gibo and Edu. I was glad to catch a few short glimpses of the dynamic duo, and take a few photos for posterity. It was an enthralling moment indeed.

VP bet Edu Manzano waving to the crowd

Presidential bet Gilbert Teodoro

The activity ended around 9:00 AM afterwhich Ish and I went up to the volunteer headquarters to officially sign up as GIBOlunteers. After a quick orientation they handed us our starter kit which included flyers, GIBO ballers, stickers and campaign posters. I was so excited! I was able to score a G1bo shirt too!

And here are some more pictures I took while at the volunteer headquarters:

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