Monday, March 22, 2010

Currently Reading...

My order came in last Sunday! And Mark paid for everything. Aww.... <3

I am trying to read this, write my articles, and do everything else in between. Life's a dream :)


  1. Ooh. Thanks for the tip Kira! I've always been fascinated with hotel operations - parang it's fun to work in a place always bustling with people!!! I shall look for this book. Though you had to order it online pa? Not available in Fully Booked and the like?

  2. I had to order it through Fully Booked in Gateway, it cost me only P588. Dont go to Powerbooks cos they will charge you shipping fee + tax pa.

    Hotel Babylon is quite a fun read though, all the chismax about celebrity guests and stuff. Hotel Babylon is a little bit more ho-hum than Fashion Babylon. So if you are more into fashion, I suggest getting the other one.