Friday, March 5, 2010

The Crabs Go Exercising...Again!

I mentioned before that my hermit crabs used to exercise in the sink. I later realized that maybe it would be best that they go exercise in the spare bath area. It was more spacious and they had lots of room to "explore". Hermit crabs walk up to a mile every night (they are nocturnal) and keeping them confined in their terrarium was making them pretty bored.

So for the past two days they've been spending about 20 minutes (give or take) every night exercising in their new play pen. And after every "workout" they'd go to sleep. How cute right? Even hermies get tired :)

Here are some pictures of their exploits:

And here are some videos I've taken recently:

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  1. A~h I'm sort of afraid of crabs but yours are very cute~* and tiny...I had no idea that they stayed up like that and it's fun that they enjoy new environments for exercise~ (*´∀`*)♥。When I was little I got pinched by one while making a hole in the sand and it's silly but somehow I'm still afraid of crabs because of that (人∀`*)。I love their names~* very cute~♥!

  2. Thank you for the comment :) I still get pinched sometimes, mainly because crabs are scared they might fall off when handled. I haven't been pinched because they were mad at me or anything, my hermits are pretty docile and will just retract to their shells when they see me :)
    Yes, I try to name all my crabs but it's hard to keep track, especially when they change shells all the time ;D