Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chewy Junior in Manila!

Chewy Junior is now open in Trinoma! I have been wanting to sink my teeth in to some Chewy Junior cream puffs ever since I received news that a friend will be bringing them to Manila from the shores of Singapore. So let's cut to the chase: what makes Chewy Junior cream puffs different from all the other cream puffs (case in point, Beard Papa?) Well for one, CJ has lots and lots of delicious variants which are available for tasting once you get to the store (I tried their Chocolate madness cream puff and the chocolate cream was really good).

First up is the SWEET Menu which consist of the original chewy, chocolate madness (chocolated covered cream puff with chocolate-cream filling), coffee muesli crunch, strawberry dream, blueberry angel (another bestseller), apple delight and peanut butter crunch.

Next is their SAVORY Menu which gives a whole new twist into cream puffs -- the puffs are filled with meat, veggies and seafood! As we Filipinos as always on the go, these are great "pabaon" for kids and adults alike, or a quick lunch/snack in between meetings.

Chewy Junior also offers Chewy Deluxe (ensaymadas with various fillings and toppings), Cotton Cheese Puffs, and their Mini Puff Menu consisting of mini puffs and bread/sugarsticks.

I got two cheesecake cream puffs and one regular cream puff for only Php 109!

Chewy Junior freshly bakes their pastries all day, everyday and a lot of tables are provided so you can bring your whole family and have a really great aftermeal dessert there. The puffs are cheap at only Php 39 each (Beard Papa charges Php 55 per cream puff), you can get a box of three for only P109.

My Mom whips cream puffs like a storm every week so I pretty much get a healthy does of cream puff-ness -- I am not a cream puff novice nor do I claim to be a dessert expert. I just like sweets, that's all ;D

So what's my take on all this cream puff hoopla? Here are my comments on Chewy Junior's puffs:
    Cheesecake Cream Puff
    it sure looks and tastes like bread
    not much filling inside (sorry, the cream puff got squished when I sliced it)

- Chewy Junior cream puffs are obviously cheaper at only Php 39 each

- this is not the typical delicate choux puff pastry rather it seems very much like bread. It's so "chewy" that the choux shell itself is filling already

- one bite into my regular puff and I realized it wasn't filled to the brim with custard, unlike with Beard Papa wherein I'd get a mouthful of custard

- the custard is not as creamy & vanilla-ish as Beard Papa's, it lacks sweetness and flavor, sort of bland actually

- on a better note, Chewy Junior is very generous with toppings

- all their puffs are almost always the same size and diameter

I think for real cream puff aficionados, you can either go to Beard Papa's or Contis (or order from us hee-hee), but if you want to try something new, go to Chewy Junior. Their Savory menu isn't here yet, but you can still enjoy their other cream puffs with hella lot of toppings to choose from.

Chewy Junior is located on the 2f of Trinoma Mall, Quezon City beside White Hat.


  1. Hey Kira! My mom got a box of Chewy Junior for review and I super love them! Her camera has this virus though and I can't download her photos of the place. Can I borrow the photos of the menu? I'll link to your blog, of course. :)

  2. Of course, Lauren, go ahead :) Their choco cream puffs are pretty good :)