Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bow & Wow: The Natural Pet Foods Store

If you recall, part of my list for 2010 is to buy my Chihuahua, P-nut, some glucosamine tablets. He is growing old and I want to make sure he remains healthy and will live to be 15 years old. All toy breeds, Chihuahuas included, are prone to joint pains, patellar luxation, hypoglycemia, etc. Our vet was able to keep P-nut's shivering to a minimum via Polynerv, however I am more concerned about his knees and possible arthritis in the future. P-nut loves jumping on things and climbing so I hope some glucosamine chews/tablets will help take care of his joints.

Seeing as I will be in SM again today while Mom works out, I took the MRT, went to Bow & Wow and endured the tremendous heat outside (insert panting here). Bow & Wow is located at the 5th level of Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong -- about 15 minutes away from Trinoma via train.

I really had to look for the store and even had to ask directions. Finally, I found it "hidden" on the 5th level (that unchartered part where I have never been to), planted conveniently near the parking lot. The reason for the store's inconspicuous location is really quite simple: Shangri-la does not allow pets in general but management has allowed customers to sneak in their little ones as long as they remain near or inside the store.
When I got there, I was so overwhelmed with all the pet products. Wait, overwhelmed nearly doesn't cut it. Think of that feeling when you enter a makeup store and all your favorites products and colors are there? It's feels something like that -- like you'd want to take home a little bit of everything.

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This is a 180 degree view of Bow & Wow and I swear if I only had 1 one dog (our family has about 10), I'd splurge on my little bugger. But having to take care of 10 dogs and shell out mucho dinero for their food, treats, etc. is totally out of the question. I figured I should go get some stuff and see if my doggies like them first, then I can come back and get some more.

I spent around 30 minutes chatting with the shopgirl, KC. What's nice about the people here (or maybe just KC in particular) is that they are pet lovers themselves and have tried most of the products they actually sell. I found some glucosamine vitamin chews but the prices were too steep for me -- a bottle was about Php 1000-Php 2000 a pop.  So in the meantime, I went home with these:
These chews are great for our senior dogs. Here's some info as lifted from the website:

Seniors, over weight pets, and those pets showing reduced levels of activity can benefit greatly from feeding these protein rich formulas that provide a reduced calorie and lower fat diet, while not compromising on the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients so important for your pet’s proper health maintenance.

You can be assured your adult dogs and cats are getting the best they deserve with our feral type diets which contain: Four Antibiotic and Hormone free meals which originate from meats processed in a human grade facility, as the main ingredients, and also include whole grain rice, balanced Omega Fatty Acids, probiotics, digestive enzymes, antioxidant vitamins, chelated minerals, and a total of 10 natural skin and coat conditioners. All of this without the use of allergy irritating corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions, or fillers

With glucosamine and chondroitin to promote better joint health and psyllium for fiber intake to help with digestion, CANIDAE PLATINUM for dogs and FELIDAE PLATINUM for cats feature the same great taste and palatability as our All Life Stage formulas and are the perfect all natural, reduced calorie choices to help control and maintain your pet’s weight.

Plus some more treats for the younger generation:

All Natural Holistic Benefits

  • High Quality Lamb Meal with Whole Grains
  • All Natural, High Quality, Holistic Dog Treats
  • Crunchy Texture Helps Scrape Away Plaque & Tartar
  • Natural Skin & Coat Conditioners for Sensitive Dogs
  • Valuable Herbs, Fruits & Vegetables
  • Balanced Omega 6 & 3 Fatty Acids
  • Now With Guaranteed Viable Micro-Organisms
  • Now With Guaranteed Enzyme Activity to Help Break Down Cellulose
  • Essential Vitamins, Chelated Minerals & Naturally Preserved!

The Canidae Platinum Snap-Biscuits are Php 325 and the Canidae Snap-Bits are Php 319. Both are crunchy to help remove tartar and plaque, with added peppermint so your doggies will have minty fresh breath after chewing. And oh, did I mention that everything is all natural and organic? Whoopeedoo! :)

When I got home, I gave P-nut a snap of the Platinum Snap-Biscuits and he gobbled it up in no time at all! Micki (my Shih Tzu) had 2 Snap-Bits and wanted some more! I believe this is Php 644 well-spent! I am so happy my little doggies love them :)

For more info on Bow & Wow, visit their website.


  1. We love Bow & Wow, too! Our momma gets our food from there, and it's all natural! We love the little things that she gets from there, too, like catnip spray, treats, toys, etc. :)

    Qish & Rue

  2. Hi Jonna!

    Your kitty is adorable, and I love your shots too :) You might want to try some silver vine powder at Saizen, it's pretty popular esp if your cat is maarte and sometimes doesn't want to eat. My friend who has a Siamese cat swears by it :)