Monday, February 8, 2010

The Newly-Molted Mortimer


This is Mort 2 days after his molting and the first thing he did today was to drink lots of water and take a dip in the water bowl. I laced the water with rock salt so he can replenish his body's salt water level. Afterwards he went around the ISO tank and munched on his exo. I added crushed boiled egg shells, shrimp and HDR crab food powder for added nutrition.

Notice that he is not translucent anymore, rather he is back to his grey color. I also noticed that he is much bigger than he was pre-molt, his large claw almost scared me. I did not notice so much of a difference with Max though. I think Max is still a very young crab, all the while I thought he was so much bigger than the rest of the teeny-weenies.  


This is such an invasion of crab privacy, but since Mortimer has been walking around the ISO tank, I thought it would be okay to take a picture of him for all you curious onlookers.

Notice his old exo up front, and lookit Mort -- he is so translucent! But let me tell you he is not lethargic at all! He's been walking around like it's nobody's business.

Isn't he just cute? :)

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  1.'re a totally new guy!!!

  2. Definitely! He'll get all the girls when he's done :)

  3. How can you tell the males from the females?

  4. Here's a [very] graphic representation - I have not confirmed the gender of all my crabs. I just assumed they are all male, hance the names Max, Mortimer, Georgey. etc :)

  5. You can also check this - Hope it helps :)