Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mortimer Update!!!

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I spoke too soon...

This just in!

This is Mortimer before he molted

Mortimer has finally molted!!!

I know because I saw his old exoskeleten lying around the ISO tank and when I picked him up ever so gently, he was  translucent! Yay! He has been buried underneath the substrate since January 30th, and he was only able to finish shedding today!

If you remember from my previous post about hermit crab molting, Max was pink when I "discovered" that he had molted over the weekend. On the other hand, Mortimer was sort of whitish-beige and very translucent, which could mean that he had just shed his old exoskeleton a few hours ago.

And since touching hermit crabs while in their molting period is a big no-no, I decided to forego taking a picture of Mortimer in his very vulnerable and stressful state, and give him some privacy instead. 

I know that 1 more small crab is due for molting as he is turning very ashy (and yet he is still as gregarious as ever). But I shall let him be. My crabs will molt in time :)

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  1. Okay, I'll peek in on Mortimer later when he has his clothes back on.

  2. Hey, you and Morti made the [Life is Good] page!!!

  3. Oooh!!! Thanks for the heads up! :)