Friday, February 12, 2010

[Life is Good] Feature


Mortimer's first molt was featured on the [life is good] section of! Go ahead and click, click, click, it's still there :)

Thank you so much to LBreeze for the heads up! You might want to go and check out her blog as well, I swear, she has some really outrageous and interesting animal anecdotes. I guarantee her blog will make you smile :)


On another note, I am now a writer/contributor for an online news magazine. I am terribly thrilled, and I'd like to thank my editor Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity for inviting me onboard. I've been blogging since college and although most of my entries and reviews are very personal and at times anecdotal, I'd like to tell you guys that I've always written from the heart. And I hope the people over at Vibal like how I write *crossing fingers*. It's actually nice to be able to write about beauty and fashion. I have much to learn (I am such a noob!), but that's the fun part. I learn something, tell the world about it and get paid all at the same time :)

So this means I *may* not be able to blog about my silly life as often as I used to, I predict that this will only hold true for the first few weeks on the job. In time, I will be able to adjust to the learning curve and hopefully write faster (LOL) and juggle everything with ease. I am very happy that I get to work from home, which means I still have time to make stuff, prepare for my bazaars and attend to my hermies and doggies. And oh yes, attend to the demanding boyfriend as well (hee-hee).

Life is good indeed :)

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