Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Valentine's Day" Movie Premier

I attended a mini makeup tutorial courtesy of Liz of Project Vanity last Saturday, February 13. Since I have typical Asian eyes (read: small), I specifically asked Liz if she could teach me eye makeup because that's the area where I need help most. I am more of a blush and lipstick kind of girl, obviously, as most of my makeup purchases and blog updates are of that nature.

Check out my EOTD with winged eyeliner to boot:

After which, the boyfriend and I went to the White Hat movie premier of "Valentine's Day" at Shangri-la mall. Because I was able to complete 10 stamps on my White Hat card, I was entitled to 2 free tickets, a free Belle du Jour 2010 planner, and 2 free topping cards. Yay! You know I love frozen yogurt, I have a cup 3-4 times a week!

I seriously do not know what to do with my planner, cos I rarely plan stuff at all. I just have mini teNeues Audrey and Skulls notebooks to keep myself organized.

So this is us at the premier. Usually we don't like to have our picture taken at events cos we're *shy*. But Eric insisted so...

Awww..I love Mark :)

My lippie kinda faded cos I've been eating popcorn the whole time I was in line. But I love my eyes though! Thanks Liz! :)

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