Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe in Black Platinum

I bet you can tell, I was so drawn to the hot pink tube of the Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe (Php 575 / $12.50). This is the newest version of the all-time favorite Lash Blast (in orange tube) which volumizes and thickens lashes. I was not only drawn to the pink tube but also to the shimmer part (yeah, I kinda like shimmer too, obviously). I read a few blogs online and got so many mixed reviews --- some didn't see any shimmer at all, while some excitedly raved about how wonderful this product is.

So finally I had to check it out for myself.
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The Lash Blast Luxe comes in several tints, as shown above. Some tints pop out depending on your hair and eye color. I have brown eyes with medium brown hair, and chose Black Platinum (black formula with silver shimmer) because I've read that the other colors don't do much for dark-haired gals.

This is how it looks on my sparse lashes (with flash):
I bet you're wondering, where the heck is the shimmer??? Well here they are:
I tried hard to do this mascara justice because various bloggers commented that they didn't see any shimmer. Well the truth to the matter is, it does contain very delicate shimmer. The slight shimmer made my lashes look rather "dewy" which I thought was interesting.

The shimmer is only visible if:

- you apply 3-4 coats of mascara
- your lashes catch the light at specific angle
- the person looking at you is thisclose to your lashes

The Lash Blast Luxe is your basic everyday mascara that will give you adequate volume, thickness and definition. You can apply just 1 coat for a natural day look, and sweep on 3-4 coats for MORE volume and thickness. It is hypoallergenic and safe for contact lens wearers. Please note that it is NOT waterproof but claims to be smudge-proof. Based on what I've seen (and haven't seen), this mascara did not smudge nor smear on me even when I tried to [gently] rub my eyes several times (LOL), but I did see a few flakes though. 

The brush is also something I have to get used to because it is huge! But the nice thing about it is it eliminates the need to blot the wand with a tissue, the short bristles deliver just enough mascara to your lashes without it getting clumpy. Also, when you pull it out of the tube you don't get that extra clump of excess product at the end of the brush.

So overall, even though the shimmer is not entirely noticeable, I think this is a mascara that's fun to play around with and delivers as any basic mascara should. The important thing to remember is to curl your lashes properly so the shimmers frame your eyes. The other colors / tint are so intriguing I may have to try them out next time :)


  1. I've wondered how well the short, thick bristles work.

  2. The big fat brish works for some people. For people with [small] Asian eyes (like me), it takes some getting used to. Sometimes it's hard to reach the inner lashes.

  3. My eyes are very deep set, so the inner lashes can be hard for me to reach too.