Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Valentine's Day" Movie Premier

I attended a mini makeup tutorial courtesy of Liz of Project Vanity last Saturday, February 13. Since I have typical Asian eyes (read: small), I specifically asked Liz if she could teach me eye makeup because that's the area where I need help most. I am more of a blush and lipstick kind of girl, obviously, as most of my makeup purchases and blog updates are of that nature.

Check out my EOTD with winged eyeliner to boot:

After which, the boyfriend and I went to the White Hat movie premier of "Valentine's Day" at Shangri-la mall. Because I was able to complete 10 stamps on my White Hat card, I was entitled to 2 free tickets, a free Belle du Jour 2010 planner, and 2 free topping cards. Yay! You know I love frozen yogurt, I have a cup 3-4 times a week!

I seriously do not know what to do with my planner, cos I rarely plan stuff at all. I just have mini teNeues Audrey and Skulls notebooks to keep myself organized.

So this is us at the premier. Usually we don't like to have our picture taken at events cos we're *shy*. But Eric insisted so...

Awww..I love Mark :)

My lippie kinda faded cos I've been eating popcorn the whole time I was in line. But I love my eyes though! Thanks Liz! :)

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe in Black Platinum

I bet you can tell, I was so drawn to the hot pink tube of the Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe (Php 575 / $12.50). This is the newest version of the all-time favorite Lash Blast (in orange tube) which volumizes and thickens lashes. I was not only drawn to the pink tube but also to the shimmer part (yeah, I kinda like shimmer too, obviously). I read a few blogs online and got so many mixed reviews --- some didn't see any shimmer at all, while some excitedly raved about how wonderful this product is.

So finally I had to check it out for myself.
image from: 
The Lash Blast Luxe comes in several tints, as shown above. Some tints pop out depending on your hair and eye color. I have brown eyes with medium brown hair, and chose Black Platinum (black formula with silver shimmer) because I've read that the other colors don't do much for dark-haired gals.

This is how it looks on my sparse lashes (with flash):
I bet you're wondering, where the heck is the shimmer??? Well here they are:
I tried hard to do this mascara justice because various bloggers commented that they didn't see any shimmer. Well the truth to the matter is, it does contain very delicate shimmer. The slight shimmer made my lashes look rather "dewy" which I thought was interesting.

The shimmer is only visible if:

- you apply 3-4 coats of mascara
- your lashes catch the light at specific angle
- the person looking at you is thisclose to your lashes

The Lash Blast Luxe is your basic everyday mascara that will give you adequate volume, thickness and definition. You can apply just 1 coat for a natural day look, and sweep on 3-4 coats for MORE volume and thickness. It is hypoallergenic and safe for contact lens wearers. Please note that it is NOT waterproof but claims to be smudge-proof. Based on what I've seen (and haven't seen), this mascara did not smudge nor smear on me even when I tried to [gently] rub my eyes several times (LOL), but I did see a few flakes though. 

The brush is also something I have to get used to because it is huge! But the nice thing about it is it eliminates the need to blot the wand with a tissue, the short bristles deliver just enough mascara to your lashes without it getting clumpy. Also, when you pull it out of the tube you don't get that extra clump of excess product at the end of the brush.

So overall, even though the shimmer is not entirely noticeable, I think this is a mascara that's fun to play around with and delivers as any basic mascara should. The important thing to remember is to curl your lashes properly so the shimmers frame your eyes. The other colors / tint are so intriguing I may have to try them out next time :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Georgey Molts! And More Crab Drama...

First things first: Georgey molted at 1AM today!

Who is Georgey?

Well, I know I haven't blogged about him (I checked and yes, he is a male crab) but Georgey is part of crab batch # 3. All my crabs were acquired in December of 2009 and for your convenience, here are the crabs as broken down in batches:

CRAB BATCH # 1 - Maximus & Delia from a bazaar at Alabang Village (Delia got away, check here for my initial blog post about their love story). These were the first crabs I got for myself :)

CRAB BATCH # 2 - Mortimer + 2 other unnamed crabs from the neighborhood wet market (I do not and cannot name all of my 9 crabs, so I only give names to those with distinct personalities, sorry)

CRAB BATCH # 3 - Gigantor, Hercules, Cornelia (my smallest crab who has a bright orange color), Georgey, and 1 unnamed crab. They were initially shipped in a group of 9 native crabs from the shores of Mindanao but 2 did not survive the trip and 1 got away (more on this later).

Whew. I currently have 9 crabs and they all live in the crabitat TOGETHER. Gigantor and Hercules are the largest crabs followed by Georgey, then Mortimer. Maximus is one of the smaller crabs, but not as small as Cornelia, she is only about an inch long (shell included).

Anyway, back to Georgey. He was one of the crabs that Carlo (our neighbor's son who was visiting from Baguio) "borrowed" for the Christmas season. Carlo was asking for a hermit crab and so I asked him to choose from the terrarium. He got Georgey and another unnamed bright red crab that later escaped.

After 2 weeks, Carlo went home to Baguio but neglected to bring Georgey with him. I asked the house-help if I could have the crab back and she immediately returned Georgey to me who was now half starved to death and stressed. I was very concerned about the unsuitable conditions (no substrate, no food and only had chlorinated water) that he was subjected to.

After giving him a quick bath and letting him air dry, I put him back in the crabitat and he immediately ate crab food and started to pick fights with everyone! Now the tactic to reform crab bullies is to put him in an ISO tank for about 15 minutes whenever he exhibits bad behavior, and then reintroduce him to the crabitat. Just do this over and over again and pretty soon the "bad" crab will get the idea.

Since that incident, Georgey has been living extremely well and he has been so nice to the other crabs. The weird thing was, Georgey molted without showing any of the pre-molt symptoms! He did not turn ashy at all! So guys, don't just rely on the symptoms to know if your crab is about to molt. Sometimes if the conditions are just right, the crabs may molt unexpectedly, as in Georgey's case. So keep your eye on your crabs and keep a mental note of those who are burrying often, eating a lot or any inconsistent behavior.

So how did I find out that Georgey molted?

At 1AM this morning, I checked the crabitat (like I always do before I go to bed) and noticed that Georgey hasn't "come up for air" since yesterday. I had given them a bath the day before and he seemed fine and active. When I dug him up, he apparently molted in the main tank overnight! His old exo was still soft and he was very white and translucent. I had no extra ISO tank because I had all washed them, plus the only one available was occupied by another crab who is in pre-molt stage. I was also running short on sand because I had washed it 2 days before and was taking forever to dry, so basically I was not prepared for this molt in particular. I figured, I can cover him with sand and leave him in the main tank first and attend to him in the morning.

When I check the crabitat at 6AM though, the first thing I noticed was that "Georgey" had climed to the top of the log. Hmm...I thought that was a bit strange as newly-molted crabs should be a bit lethargic. A closer inspection proved that the crab was not Georgey but Max! Max had apparently stole Georgey's shell while I was asleep and it was further evidenced by the discovery of Max's old empty shell on top of the new crab house. much drama today. I then found poor nudie Georgey inside the house, huddled between the 2 larger crabs. Good thing the other crabs did not attempt to eat him, as newly-molted crabs tend to bring out the cannibalism in most hermies.

Thankfully I had an extra shell and Georgey immediately seeked cover in it. If you remember from my December post, this was Max's second shell which he later changed out of because it proved to be too big for him.

Now that the sand I washed is about 80% dry (thank God and thank you El Nino), Georgey has his own ISO tank with lots of water and fresh, moist susbtrate. Sometimes I am so amazed at how these crabs have grown and how they are giving me much more stress than my doggies.

I can't wait for the Gigantor and Hercules to molt, as usually bigger crabs only molt about twice a year and this is something I wouldn't want to miss. I shall keep you guys updated :)

Sorry for the very loooong post, I hope everyone finds my crab exploits interesting though. I sure love my crabs and I love documenting everything :)

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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Body Shop's Natural Minerals Blotting Tissues

I've been meaning to get my hands on these mineral blotting tissues ever since I nonchalantly spotted them at TBS Robinson's Midtown early this month. I have heaps of oil clear sheets at home (mostlyfrom Watsons, Clean & Clear and Gatsby), I've been an avid user since high school and they have earned a regular spot in my beauty kit. My first pack of oil clear sheets was from Gift Gate, does anyone remember the Hello Kitty and Zashikibuta packets? Very pretty :) I think oil clear sheets are a godsend for combi skinned chicas like me.

Anyway, I thought The Body Shop's Mineral Blotting Tissues were too steep at Php 295 ($6.50) so I decided I could purchase them later in the month when I have more moolah to burn (I've been buying dresses like mad recently --- Kira, you are not in Bangkok anymore. Wake up!).

I guess in some ways that wasn't such a good idea. Two weeks later when I was ready to purchase them, it appears these have all sold out in all the major malls I frequent. Gah. And you know, when good sensibilities tells you to let it go and just settle for something cheaper and readily available (i.e. Palladio's Natural Rice Powder Blotters which retail for only Php 225 or $5.00), it just makes you want to buy that product even more!

I was ready to throw in the towel and focus on more productive stuff, when my Mom said we should go grocery shopping at SM San Lazaro today. Grocery shopping? Yay! I don't know about you, but grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do --- all those rows of food, cosmetics and bath products..Mmmmm....

Anyhoo, my TBS shopgirl did give me a tip a few days ago saying that all Love Your Body (LYB) members are entitled to a 50% off starting February 15. I haven't used my LYB card in a while, and eventhough there was a TBS at SM San Lazaro, I figured they wouldn't carry the Blotting Tissues since it's pricey and the people in that mall are more of the stingy kind.

But boy was I wrong!!! When I checked TBS today, they had only 1 piece left on display (yippee!!!) so without batting an eyelash I took with me to the counter. The helpful shopgirl asked if I was a LYB member and she said I am entitled to a 50% discount on my 2nd product purchase (the promo goes: you would have to pay full price for the first product and then pay only 50% for the second product. This promo is applicable to all TBS products). Silly me, I totally forgot about the promo today!

So I ended up with 2 packs of the Blotting Tissues (apparently they kept the other stocks hidden and only displayed one product on the shelves) and paid only Php 442 ($9.70) for both! I am a happy bunny :)

As lifted from the site:

Nature's Minerals™ Blotting Tissues

Best if you want to: Keep your skin in shower-fresh shape with a nifty, purse-sized pack of mineral-infused blotting papers that absorb excess oil and reduce shine.

How it works:

  • Compact and easy-to-use pop-up case of 65 tissues is hygienic and perfect for your handbag.
  • Can be used over make-up or on bare skin for a matte finish

Price: Php 295/65 sheets

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Friday, February 12, 2010

[Life is Good] Feature


Mortimer's first molt was featured on the [life is good] section of! Go ahead and click, click, click, it's still there :)

Thank you so much to LBreeze for the heads up! You might want to go and check out her blog as well, I swear, she has some really outrageous and interesting animal anecdotes. I guarantee her blog will make you smile :)


On another note, I am now a writer/contributor for an online news magazine. I am terribly thrilled, and I'd like to thank my editor Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity for inviting me onboard. I've been blogging since college and although most of my entries and reviews are very personal and at times anecdotal, I'd like to tell you guys that I've always written from the heart. And I hope the people over at Vibal like how I write *crossing fingers*. It's actually nice to be able to write about beauty and fashion. I have much to learn (I am such a noob!), but that's the fun part. I learn something, tell the world about it and get paid all at the same time :)

So this means I *may* not be able to blog about my silly life as often as I used to, I predict that this will only hold true for the first few weeks on the job. In time, I will be able to adjust to the learning curve and hopefully write faster (LOL) and juggle everything with ease. I am very happy that I get to work from home, which means I still have time to make stuff, prepare for my bazaars and attend to my hermies and doggies. And oh yes, attend to the demanding boyfriend as well (hee-hee).

Life is good indeed :)

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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Newly-Molted Mortimer


This is Mort 2 days after his molting and the first thing he did today was to drink lots of water and take a dip in the water bowl. I laced the water with rock salt so he can replenish his body's salt water level. Afterwards he went around the ISO tank and munched on his exo. I added crushed boiled egg shells, shrimp and HDR crab food powder for added nutrition.

Notice that he is not translucent anymore, rather he is back to his grey color. I also noticed that he is much bigger than he was pre-molt, his large claw almost scared me. I did not notice so much of a difference with Max though. I think Max is still a very young crab, all the while I thought he was so much bigger than the rest of the teeny-weenies.  


This is such an invasion of crab privacy, but since Mortimer has been walking around the ISO tank, I thought it would be okay to take a picture of him for all you curious onlookers.

Notice his old exo up front, and lookit Mort -- he is so translucent! But let me tell you he is not lethargic at all! He's been walking around like it's nobody's business.

Isn't he just cute? :)

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mortimer Update!!!

Edit: More updates here! Click me!


I spoke too soon...

This just in!

This is Mortimer before he molted

Mortimer has finally molted!!!

I know because I saw his old exoskeleten lying around the ISO tank and when I picked him up ever so gently, he was  translucent! Yay! He has been buried underneath the substrate since January 30th, and he was only able to finish shedding today!

If you remember from my previous post about hermit crab molting, Max was pink when I "discovered" that he had molted over the weekend. On the other hand, Mortimer was sort of whitish-beige and very translucent, which could mean that he had just shed his old exoskeleton a few hours ago.

And since touching hermit crabs while in their molting period is a big no-no, I decided to forego taking a picture of Mortimer in his very vulnerable and stressful state, and give him some privacy instead. 

I know that 1 more small crab is due for molting as he is turning very ashy (and yet he is still as gregarious as ever). But I shall let him be. My crabs will molt in time :)

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A New Crab House

"Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our..."

Last Wednesday, my Mom was bored so we decided to go to my sister's office and have lunch with her at the nearby mall (such is our life everytime [we] get bored). Although our main purpose was just to eat out and not go shopping, we couldn't help but get some "necessities" - we went home with Mom's favorite Lipfinity from Max Factor, I got a L'Oreal 6H Glam Shine Lip Gloss that was on 50% sale (yay!), and we bought some collars for our dogs. And before I forget, I also got my hermit crabs a new house for their crabitat.

I've been eyeing this house at the pet store since December, but I just haven't gotten around to buying it. And I thought this was the perfect opportunity because Mom was paying. LOL. It was just a measly Php 120 ($2.60) and I still didn't want to shell out cash for it. Bleh.

Anyway, the moment I got home I took out their old playing log and the "Do Not Enter" sign and replaced it with the new house. At first the crabs were wary and skeptical. They investigated and explored but none tried to enter it. LOL. I bet they're thinking it was a trap!

Early the next morning (God knows I wake up everyday at 6 or 7am), I inspected the cage and what do you know --- the giant crabs (Gigantor and Hercules) were INSIDE the house and peeking out! Those sly devils! They totally hogged it all for themselves!
Can you see the crabs inside?
And believe me, even until after dark they still wouldn't get out. No amount of coaxing or food bribing would make them leave their new "territory". Good thing Maximus just wanted to climb and climb and climb....He had to interest in bunking whatsoever.
So bottomline is, I'm happy with the new house and they are too. It occupies about 1/3 (or less) of their terrarium, which still leaves a lot of space for them to roam around.

And here are some shots of the love of my life ---  my Chihuahua, P-nut! :)
And in other news...
Mortimer is in his pre-molt stage! And...he's taking soo long. Max shed his exoskeleton in only 4 days, while Mortimer has been under the substrate since Jan 30th and he still hasn't started shedding. I hope he's alright. Updates on this soon :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Mad Hatter, I Love You So

I bet my bottom dollar you are psyched to watch Tim Burton's adaptation of the most enduring fairy tale of all time -- I know I am! Behold, Alice in Wonderland:

Click the video above to view the official Disney trailer

I've always been fascinated with Alice and her weird adventures. And to celebrate our Wonderland-obsessions, we made a few hand painted necklaces last year (original post here).

while my friend, Ish Orendain of Morbie Dolls, created some really awesome limited edition dolls. Kids and adults have gone gaga over the Alice in Wonderland merchandise! They literally flew off the shelves!

This year, I'd like to feature another very talented Multiply seller, Maisie of Fashion Factory. Maisie is a fellow Multiply seller and she offers a kitcshy collection of laser-cut Alice in Wonderland wooden pendants. I personally chose "The Mad Hatter" for myself because admit it, it is just the cutest!

The pendant is about 1 3/4" tall with 28" of antique gold chain --- can you say fabulous? The picture here does not do it justice, it is far more exquisite in person. This handmade work of art is something I will definitely cherish for many years to come.

A lot of my fellow bloggers, who are more into the makeup scene, were able to score their very own Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows, and are quite giddy about them too!

Make sure you check out Lauren's blog I am Bourgeois  and Liz Lanuzo's Project Vanity for more drool-worthy shots, reviews and swatches :)

Catch "Alice in Wonderland" on March 5th at a theater near you.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Discovering Boots Pharmacy

I sorta saw Boots Pharmacy for the first time at Siam Paragon, and we were instantly amazed at how cheap the makeup and medicines were. I chose to purchase only one piece of a 17 Colour Shine Lip Gloss in Strawberry Burst which cost 217 Baht ($6.00). We told ourselves we'd come back for more makeup and a bottle of Cellufresh eye drops a little later or on the last day because we wanted to concentrate our moolah on clothes first.

But of course, not all vacations go according to plan so on the last shopping day at BKK we were too pooped to even think of going back to Siam --- and let me tell you that Siam was 5km away from our hotel! Gaaah. Pratunam, you have occupied 70% of my BKK time!

So whilst at the airport on the last day (and dreading the return flight to Manila), my sister and I were telling each other, "Okay the next time we go to Bangkok, we go straight to Boots. Kapish?"

And then lo and behold, I spot a Boots Pharmacy at the Suvarnabhumi Airport! Hooray! There is a God after all! And because I love, love, love the 17 Lip Gloss, I decided to get one more while my sister got the Collagenese Eye Rescue Cream.

My sister happily paid for my lippie! God knows I only had 120 Baht left in my wallet and I wanted to buy that wooden croaking frog!!!

It sucks that my sister threw away the metallic fuschia box of Collagenese, because it was so pretty! From what I remember (as everything was printed on the box), this eye cream contains only natural skin-loving ingredients. I apologize I could not expound on it more, I even cannot find it on the Boots website.

The 17 Lip Gloss however is my favorite. It may not show up on the image above, but the gloss actually contains baby-fine iridescent purple/blue glitter. And I've been using almost everyday, which explains why the image above looks half-empty. Anyway, as with all sheer glosses (I am the Queen of Sheer!), color doesn't last long but the strawberry flavor is good enough to eat :)

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