Monday, January 25, 2010

Spotted: Max Munching On His Exo!

When I got home at 3:00 AM this morning and checked the ISO tank, I found little Maximus munching on his old exoskeleton.

That's Maximus over at the left hand corner. Notice that the food dish only contains bits and pieces of his old exo (zoom in for a better look), I can't believe I've only been gone for 20 hours and he has eaten 3/4 of the exoskeleton -- apparently he's been eating the whole day!

This, my friends, is the last leg of his molt. A newly-molted hermit crab will munch on his old exoskeleton which is full of protein and calcium in order to regain strength and to further harden his new exoskeleton. In a few days he will be ready to join the rest of the hermit crabs in the original terrarium.

 This is Max taken today at 1:00 PM -- yep, still eating! I added some hermit crab food powder for added nutrients.

Also, I got some empty shells from Kultura in Trinoma last Saturday. They've been cleansed with dechlorinated water and laid out to dry. So far, only 1 hermit crab has transferred to a new shell. I got a pack of these decorative shells for Php 90 which contained various sizes. The ones shown above are the ones that I can use, I still have about 20+ super small and big shells that we displayed around the house because the crabs wouldn't fit in them.

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