Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Maximus Turns 1 Today!


Maximus, my first ever hermit crab turns one today! It has been exactly one month since I acquired him at a bazaar and I am happy to announce that he is doing VERY well in captivity :)

If you remember from the previous posts, Max was was really, really shy. Until I realized that he wasn't really shy per se, but his shell was too big for him and therefore couldn't muster the strength to roam around the crabitat with such a huge load on his back, so to speak. So after 3 shell changes, Max is finally satisfied with his shell home and is happily enjoying his life as a spoiled crab (hee-hee).

Compared to the other hermies, I noticed that little Max does not know how to burrow as he is more of a climber. I've seen him attempt to burrow twice (believe me, I watch my crabs several times a day so I know what they're all up to), but halfway he'd stop and climb the log instead. He's always first on the log and stays on the very top til morning, beating even the larger hermies. This is what I call the "Hermit Crab Totem Pole" with Max on the very top:

But! Good news just in! While about to have lunch at home, I decided to do a roll-call of all the crabs -- I have 8 so I have to make sure they are still all in the terrarium as crab breakouts are quite common. I counted 7 and I couldn't find Max!

Oh where could he be?!

I was trying to keep from panicking while gently moving the substrate around until -- what is this I feel -- I find him underneath all the substrate! Guess what?!

Max was finally able to burrow!!! Hooray! :)

So this day not only marks his 1 month anniversary with me, but it's also to celebrate his first-ever newfound skill --burrowing. I am so proud! :)

Here's how Max looks like today:

I noticed that from a drab grey he is more yellow now, thanks to all the carotene I've been feeding him. His stripes are also more prominent.

I am quite content with my hermit crabs right now (not to mention P-nut my Chihuahau and Micki the Shih Tzu). Basically my plate is full and I think I've got everything covered hermit crab-wise. The only thing I need to research more on is crab molting which I hope won't happen in the near future.

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  1. I am so proud of little maxie! Hope he reaches a year old, then I'll give him a bigger terrarium :)