Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bangkok Snapshopts

Touchdown! We just arrived from the Land of Smiles!

Here are some pictures for you guys. I shall add more once I get back to blogging mode (I have yet to unpack and my eyes are weary from lack of sleep).

So there are just a few pics taken from the almost 300+ 600+ pictures I took of our family vacation. I plan to visit this wonderful country one more time before I move on to other Asian countries. The shopping and the people here are just unforgettable. I shall tell you in detail all about our Bangkok experience in the course of the next few weeks or so. I still have to sort out all the souvenirs and pasalubong I bought :)

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  1. Wonderful photos!!! I'm looking forward to seeing more. Looks like you all had lots of fun.

  2. I love these photos! Bangkok looks so *amazing*!! I really really hope that I will get to go there one day too!

  3. thank you! :) i wish Vox has an photo album much like Facebook where I can post all the photos :)

  4. the shopping here is so amazing because everything is, literally dirt cheap! and the people are so kind :)

  5. That sounds so wonderful! There are a lot of places on the list of cities I need to see in my life, and Bangkok is definitely one of them!