Monday, July 27, 2009

I Will Miss You, Michael Jackson

From his catchy, danceable tunes of "Black or White", to poignant songs such as "Gone Too Soon", MJ was very much a part of my childhood.

I will always remember those memorable childhood summers spent with my Dad in Mindanao, where all of us (cousins and friends) would "camp out" at my Lola's house and eat pandesal and play near the pool table with a stereo in hand. We would blast MJ's songs until the wee hours of 2am. Yes we were quite the MJ fans.

And I'm sure the whole world will agree, there will NEVER be anyone else like him.

When I heard that he had passed, I was deeply saddened. I refused to watch the news, a huge chunk of me was in denial. A few weeks later, I mustered enough courage to watch his memorial service. I had to watch the rerun because I slept through the live coverage. I mean, MJ's still alive, this must be all a big mistake. So why watch right? Up to this day, a month after he died, I still believe that the King of Pop is out there, playing an awful prank on all of us.

No words can express how much I regret not being able to watch his concerts here in Manila. It's one of those feelings where you'd like to kick yourself in the butt, because you know that once that opportunity has passed, there will never be anything remotely like it. What's gone is gone.

I know that MJ is happy up in heaven, that he is finally free from all the media scrutiny, all the pain and hurt everyone is causing him, the suffering of being the famous Michael Jackson. I still wish though, that God gave him one more opportunity to show us how much of a genius he is. And I also fervently hoped that God also gave us one more opportunity to witness and celebrate the miracle that is Michael Jackson --- the greatest entertainer that ever lived.

May you rest in peace, Michael.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Emo Kitty

Add some EMO into your life. Presenting, Emo Kitty!

I know, I know. I promised to make these last year. It took a lo0ong while, but here they are -- 10 emo kitties waiting to be adopted. They each stand 3.5" high from the tip of their ears to the tips of their toes.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello to Spinydoodle & Puchini's New Home!

Finally! I have been waiting for this day when my Puchis are strong and big enough to venture outside their domes! I have been pestering Jenelyn to go buy new mini clay pots for my growing cacti and she only got around to buying some today.

So this is how they looked like before the transfer:

Don't be fooled, these are small clay pots but they look huge in the picture. My cacti clearly need to move out already, they don't fit in their domes anymore and they look so cramped living in a small plastic base. Don't you think it's funny that I have contrasting plants --- a tall thin one & a short stout one? Haha! My mom said I should create a hybrid...but more on that next time.

This is how it looks like without the base. That's dirt and moss down there. It was really easy to scoop out the plant from the base, it's the removing of the hard plastic ring that was tricky. I had to twist it open so I can pass the fat cactus through (and halfway through the twisting I wished I didn't have such a humongous cactus). Btw, we scored the soil from our neighbor's front yard. Tee-hee.

And so here they are, happy in their new homes. I keep looking at them every nanosecond. It's really nice and relaxing to have my own mini "garden". Spinydoodle and Puchini hang out by window sill by day along with our Oregano plants so they get all the sunshine and cool breeze they need. By night, they retire on the shelf adjacent to the window. They both have green plastic saucers that serve as water and dirt catchers.

For comparison, please see pic below to see how small the pots are. Cute right?

For the complete step-by-step guide to replanting your Puchi plant, please visit my site at

Add us up as well because we have new plants that are waiting to be adopted :)

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Positive Reinforcement

This is a somewhat lengthy post on how I was finally able to toilet train my little shih tzu, Micki. It took a while but now we are all reaping the benefits.

1. Teach by Repetition

As with most things, people and pets learn through repetition. Whenever I wanted to teach Micki to do no. 1 and 2 outside, I let her go with P-nut and let her watch him do his potty duties. And I always ask her prior to letting her out of her cage, "Do you want to go out and pee now?" I wanted her to understand that pee = outside. Because as a puppy, she has been doing it at will anytime and any place, which includes---much to our horror---even INSIDE the house.

Just recently, Micki has been getting the hang of peeing and pooping outside. When I let her out in the front yard, I sometimes watch her from inside the house (we have an accordion so I can block the entrance with my foot), or go out with her as she walks around and sniffs stuff. If after a while she has not done anything and wants to get back into the house, I firmly put my foot down and tell her "No. Not until you have peed." And yes, this might entail 10-15 mins under the sun, or even late nights (I let her pee even at 12mn so she won't fuss the whole night), but the sacrifice far outweighs having to pick up after her if by "accident" she poops in the house.

I've been doing this whole routine for the past months, she has gotten used to it and even gets giddy when I say, "Do you want to go outside?" because she knows she can now relieve herself and get to play with P-nut as well.

For the record, I only gave her a good spanking once when she was so stubborn and ended up sitting on her pee, just hours after I have given her a bath. 

2. Praise and Acknowledge

My Dad says I spoil my dogs too much. Well in truth I spoil them with compliments. I talk to my dogs ALL the time. I talk to them before I leave the house, when I get back from work, when I'm about to feed them, etc etc. I treat dogs like little kids that should always be kept in the loop. I mean, if you are going to ignore them, why take care of live animals in the first place?

A good example is whenever P-nut and Micki does something good (like let's say, finishes their bowl of kibble), I cup their faces in my hand and say "very good!" and give them a kiss on the head. Afterwhich they run around and wag their tales in approval.
P-nut also has a habit of keeping his chew toys somewhere inside the house that even the cleaning lady can't find. It's sometimes hidden for days.