Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Maximus & Delia Love Story

I am such a bad blogger.

I know you guys think I've either become too lazy or have neglected this blog altogether. The truth is, I've been so busy with my Holiday bazaars that I have had NO sleep and NO time to go online (okay, okay, I snuck in a little Cafe World here and there), but basically I have been so damn tired that I haven't really thought about blogging.

Plus, you'll never guess what I have in store for you guys. Ready? Here's the big reveal:

I am a new MOM!

I am now a proud owner of a Hermit Crab! I got it at the Zonta Carnivale Bazaar last weekend. I have to say that the bazaar was so successful, I decided to spend a little money on a new [low maintenance] pet.

I got Maximus from Happy Hermits, they sell handpainted crabs and crabitats. I know crab-painting is not such a good idea -- it stresses the crab and causes it to die eventually due to toxicity. But, I admit that the lonely sad face of the shell drew me in. I paid Php 480 total for a plastic crabitat with sand, the "Do Not Enter" sign and the hermit crab. Later on, I decided that Maximus might get lonely (hermit crabs being hermits are a misnomer --- they are in reality very sociable creatures), and I purchased Delia for an additional Php 180.

The night I brought both home, Maximus was agitated and walking around frantically. I figured either he was hungry or just being plain crabby. As per instructions of Happy Hermits, I am supposed to feed them every night as well as provide them with saltwater and plain unchlorinated water. The moment I provided the water, he ran out of his shell and dipped his bottom in the dish. I guess this was because of the change in humidity and he needed to cool off. After a while he started eating his hermit powder food. Delia on the other hand, was a bit shy and was running around for a different reason. It soon became clear why she was running around --- Maximus wanted to steal her shell!

As owner and hermit crab mother, I attempted several times to mediate their "shell fights". But Maximus persisted, and so after a few seconds, Maximus evicted Delia and took her shell D:

Delia had just become a nudie crab. She was so upset and stressed even more. Futheremore, they have been chirping all night! (Hermits chirp for several reasons but mostly because of aggression, dominance or fear). But eventually come early morning, Delia was sleeping soundly in Maximus's shell.

Delia NEVER went back into Maximus's shell after that. I even bought her a new crabitat complete with toys and I have yet to find a new shell for her.

Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning, Delia was missing from her crabitat! What happened to her was and still is a mystery. I don't know if she escaped or was taken by mice. I am still sad that she couldn't wait for her new shell. How tragic D:


Maximus currently has a new bunkmate (whom I named Mortimer) and although they've smelled each other using their antennaes a couple of times, Maximus has not yet attempted to steal the new crabby's shell. Has Maximus finally met his match? They're both sleeping now and the new crab has burrowed underneath the pebbles. Let's see if they play around tonight, hermit crabs are nocturnal after all.

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