Friday, November 6, 2009

Picture Story: A Day Spent With Dad

My Dad and I spent one whole day in Midtown (near my sister's office), and even though I'd like to explain ALL the things we did, I think the pictures I took today would better describe how enjoyable my day was with my  Dad (as they say a picture is worth a thousand words) ;D

Shots taken at The Old Spaghetti House (I love their Salpicao!):

Shots taken at Collezione, we wanted to check out new stocks of the "My Pilipinas Series" by Rhett Eala:

Shots taken after we've had frozen yogurt. The Beard Papa store just opened so....

And this was taken in the train on our way home:

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  1. What fun!! I love the last pic with the streaming light.

  2. thank you ;) i still got more to post but couldn't do it all last night, i was so sleeepy when i got home :)