Thursday, November 26, 2009

Caught Pink-handed

I have a lot of pink in my life, And just today I bought myself a new pink calculator. My old beat-up calculator gave up on me after my bazaar last Sunday, and so I told my Mom that I WANT a white calculator this time with pink keys or vise versa. Maybe I should have asked God for other [more expensive] things as well because it was just my luck that I happened to find a pink calculator in both color combinations! Holy cannoli!

All throughout my [college] life I had calculators in gray, blue and black so this in shocking pink is a great eye-popping change to all those drab and bo-ring colors. I am so so happy! Looking at it just makes me smile :D

And guess who turned pink yesterday???

I woke up yesterday with a pink Shih Tzu! And before you call the ASPCA or PAWS, allow me to explain. An apple ornament from our Christmas tree apparently fell/dropped to the floor during the night and being the curious little bugger that she is, she happily munched on its side thinking it was one of her chew toys.

Thankfully she only created a tiny dent on the ornament before the maid saw her and took the supposed "toy" away from her. I then gave her a bath hurriedly thinking the pink might not come off (lest she be mistaken for a colored poodle). But since the ornament had some semi-permanent coloring, she is still currently pink in the mouth & feet area. So much for getting caught "pink-handed". Hehehe.

Still though, the incident gave us a laugh! Micki surely knows how to get attention!

Any funny pet peeves or experiences you'd like to share? I'm all ears :)

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  1. PINK!!!! Why not have pink calculators??!!!

  2. thank you! I was so stressed when I found her all pink! I was scared she had eaten something bad until I realized we were missing a tree ornament! she's sleeping beside me now, but only with a pale pink color (sigh of relief). hahaha!