Friday, October 23, 2009

500 Days of Summer

Jolo, please come home so I can watch this with you!!!

"Next time you look back, you should look again."

(500) Days takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride through the most basic, and yet incomprehensible concept of life: love.

Love? Sounds cliche yet? Of course it does. So let's move on.

But you see, the seemingly nonchalant manner in which we nervously sweep aside the matter of love is exactly what (500) Days counters. The overused and diluted four letter word represents a concept that is convoluted, difficult (if not impossible) to control or contain, and oftentimes brings out the absolute best, and correspondingly, the worst in all of us. It's also wonderful when we have it. And it leaves an irreplaceable void when we lose it. It's one of those rare qualities that can make life better than perfect. And we all have these memories - for better and for worse.

So there - no point in me spoiling the movie. I can't guarantee that you'll like (500) Days, but it will make you feel something...something real.

From Swingcopate.

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