Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello to Spinydoodle & Puchini's New Home!

Finally! I have been waiting for this day when my Puchis are strong and big enough to venture outside their domes! I have been pestering Jenelyn to go buy new mini clay pots for my growing cacti and she only got around to buying some today.

So this is how they looked like before the transfer:

Don't be fooled, these are small clay pots but they look huge in the picture. My cacti clearly need to move out already, they don't fit in their domes anymore and they look so cramped living in a small plastic base. Don't you think it's funny that I have contrasting plants --- a tall thin one & a short stout one? Haha! My mom said I should create a hybrid...but more on that next time.

This is how it looks like without the base. That's dirt and moss down there. It was really easy to scoop out the plant from the base, it's the removing of the hard plastic ring that was tricky. I had to twist it open so I can pass the fat cactus through (and halfway through the twisting I wished I didn't have such a humongous cactus). Btw, we scored the soil from our neighbor's front yard. Tee-hee.

And so here they are, happy in their new homes. I keep looking at them every nanosecond. It's really nice and relaxing to have my own mini "garden". Spinydoodle and Puchini hang out by window sill by day along with our Oregano plants so they get all the sunshine and cool breeze they need. By night, they retire on the shelf adjacent to the window. They both have green plastic saucers that serve as water and dirt catchers.

For comparison, please see pic below to see how small the pots are. Cute right?

For the complete step-by-step guide to replanting your Puchi plant, please visit my site at

Add us up as well because we have new plants that are waiting to be adopted :)

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