Friday, June 12, 2009


Something I made at 9pm last night to commemorate all the dust gathering in my stock room. I like blanket stitching more than the running stitch that's for sure. I only made 2 pieces, I hope to create a whole family of them soon, with floppy bunny ears and all. Tee-hee.

I desperately want some Tofu Steak now, I'm having cloud hallucinations. Haha. These dustbunnies are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, complete with polka dot trim and pastel-colored buttons. What a delightful treat! :)

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Revenge of the Slugs

A subsequent post on fashion was shoved aside as I found a SLUG in our sala this evening. Yes -- a real, live, slithering slug! I just sent the dogs out to the front yard so that they could do no. 1 and 2 as they just had dinner. As I was walking around the sala and turning on lights, I noticed a brown "thing". A closer inspection (meaning I kneeled on the floor) made me realize that I had discovered a slug in our sala, and it still had a slimy trail behind it. Cool!

I immediately called my Mom and well, she was all "Eeww.." and "Yuck" and I was more "Oooh" and "Aaah", remembering my "experimenting days". Please don't ask me to expound on that, ask my sister instead.

Anyway, I told Mom we shouldn't kill the slug but rather leave it on one of the plants outside. As Mom was tasked to do the deed, she scooped up the little critter with a piece of paper and laid it on one of our plants with the huge leaves.

And I thought my evening was going to be boring. Finding a gastropod in your house is uberly cool. That slug was lucky Micki didn't pounce on her or *gasp* eat her.

More photos here and here

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Encounters of the Feline Kind

At the expense of getting my feet wet in the rain, my mom and I marched outside our house to once and for all finish our errands before the week ends. After paying the bills and buying sacks of dog food, Mom and I went to Ludy's salon, a small speakeasy neighborhood salon of the now semi-retired Tita Ludy. I distinctly remember her cutting my hair when I was in grade school. Before we even knew of David's Salon or Ricky Reyes, Tita Ludy cut, colored and styled all our hair.

Anyway, while trying to pass the time while Mom had her hair cut and colored, I befriended the resident cat (well actually there were 4 of them) but I was really drawn to this really plump stark white cat with black spots (his name escapes me) that slept on the counter. This is one of those episodes where it would have really been helpful if I had brought along my phone so I could take pictures. But as it is, I left my phone at home so...

I started stroking his hair, and then patting his really flabby tummy. At first I was really scared of them sharp claws. But then after a few minutes of stroking and the kitty getting used to me, I kinda understood why some people take care of cats.

I mean, look at them. They are so serene, so calm and collected. They basically sleep like 80% of the time, so they're really low maintenance. Plus they don't bark. And their only joy would be a ball of yarn. Wow.
I was able to touch the kitty's face now, tracing his nose with my finger. It's really amazing how small and delicate their features are. Plus he had beautiful green eyes that seem to look into the recesses of your soul. Sort of mesmerizing. At this point, I really dreaded the fact that I had forgotten to bring my camphone so I could take pictures for posterity. Sayang talaga. So I resorted to looking for similar pictures online and this is the closest I've found.

After he got the hang of me, he stood up on all fours, stetched and swatted his paw at me, and I Iet out a mild shriek, not realizing that it meant he wanted to play. I guess the shriek scared/surprised him because after that he jumped every so gracefully from the counter onto the adjoining couch, and slept some more.
Man, that kitty was really something else.