Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Bike Goes: Kriiing-Kriiing!

When I was a kid I [lamost] had all things pink, I had pink toys, accessories and all the Sanrio products that I wanted. Unfortunately in terms of life-size toys, my dream of having pink disappointed me -- I ended up with a red, beat up old plastic Volkswagen car. Which was really not bad save for my feet always getting stuck in the pedals.

Later on I graduated into "real" and mobile modes of transportation -- a BMX bike (I will try to find a picture of it) with training wheels on it. Really, I was just 10 years old and was still trying to learn how to ride. My BMX bike was blue and well, sort of looked like a dirt bike. I think my Dad has forgotten that his first born child was a girl. Haha.

I was only able to ride bikes every summer at my Dad's place. After about a year (and just 2 months of practise) we took out the training wheels. I loved my bike. But deep down inside, I wanted a white bike with pink trim, fringes and a bell that went kriing-kriing. Perhaps a basket as well. But I never got one. Boo.

So anyway, fast forward 20+ years later, I unassumingly enter a bike shop in MOA and whaddyaknow:
A white bike with pink accents and a bell to boot! Weeee!!!! This is so perfect! Too bad it's like 20yrs late. My eyes lit up and I hurriedly went over and played with the bell.


It was like music to my ears. Mark had to tell me to stop because he was getting irritated. Plus we couldn't afford the hefty price tag -- Php 29,000! Why so expensive you may ask? It's because it's a Ferrari! Yes! Ain't that grand?

I could already imagine people asking me, so what do you drive?

And I'd reply nonchalantly, "Oh, just a Ferrari!"

*wide smile*

Note to self: I will buy my kid a white bike with pink trimmings......


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