Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Best Kebabs in Town

Call me biased but I think Cafe Mediterranean gets 5 thumbs up for their very tender beef kebabs and their famous, super garlicky garlic sauce (so garlicky that there shan't be any kissing afterwards). I've been eating here for almost 4 years, and it still remains as one of my comfort foods  (next to Dulcinea's Filetto Alburro....Mmmm..)

The prices at Cafe Med may be a little steep, but let me assure you that the P270 Grilled Beef Kebab + buttered rice meal is all worth the hefty price tag! The bottomless iced tea isn't bad too, it's sweet taste is a great contrast (or complement) to the garlic sauce.

Here are some photos to whet your appetite:
Since I always stick to the same order everytime I'm here, Mark decided to try their new Parmesan-Crusted Dory Fillet. The dory fillet was very soft and basically okay, but I felt like it lacked more flavor...I think it needs a little bit of mozza cheese (channeling Fish & Co.). Seeing that Mark was not satisfied with his meal, I gladly parted with 3pcs of my kebab and gave them to him :)

After lunch I had to give in to my sweet tooth and we then had Cinnabon which I have been craving for for about a month.
As usual a Cinnabon order wouldn't be complete without the extra cream cheese dip on the side *wide smile*
PS: If you can't afford the kebab in Cafe Med, then by all means just buy the sauce. They sell it for less than P200.


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