Tuesday, August 5, 2008

S&S Indiesigners Feature

Yay the August issue is finally out!

Had to scour several NBS stores (from Greenbelt to Rob Midtown) to get several copies (each family member in each part of the archipelago wanted a copy), only to find out that NBS Quezon Avenue was the 1st one to receive stocks. Pffft.

Super duper thanks to Margaux Salazar and Sherwin Pineda and of course the rest of the S&S crew (hello Abbie and Nicole!). You guys were so accomodating :)

Calling Em Mariano, you should seriously consider paying me for all the PR I've done for CRAFT PINOY (here I go again). Haha! But really, thank you because it all started with you and your workshops. You're an inspiration to all of us! :)

Thanks also to Ish who first informed me that the issue was already out. Grabe Ish is such a girl scout -- kidding!

I was really happy and excited about this feature. I hope you guys can go and grabe a copy and read all the wonderful articles on Filipino Indiesigners -- Punto Bags, Logic & Fusion Alley and of course EarthlyDelights! :)

Hooray to Filipino indiedesigners everywhere!

My name's on the cover! Whoopee!
*big smile*


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