Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Be Grateful

All the changes in my career choices and business deals all contributed to me being cranky, irritable and "bored" (that's just me saying, "please pay attention to ME!").

Anyway, I've made sure that all my stockists have enough of my necklaces and bags. So now I'm planning the execution of the lomo bags which I hope to release by May (please, please, please!) There have been so many kinks with my sewer and the fabric and all, but I have high hopes that everything will turn out ok. I hope (and I know) that Lai and I designed a wonderful bag that will sell LOTS (millions, perhaps) and will finally put me on the map --- everyone will know who I am and what I do. And I will be happy.

I was watching "Secrets", a DVD presentation that my loving Mark gave me last Christmas. And well, in order to be truly happy, I have to realize and be thankful for things that I have and that have happened to me. So here is a list that I came up with so far:

  • a wonderful and loving family who gives me everthing (tangible and non tangible) that I want and need, and who supports me in realizing my dreams of becoming a successful entrpreneur (I may be slow, but I'm getting there)
  • Mark who loves me so much and who does almost everything (within reason) to make me happy
  • Jenelyn whom I constantly boss around but still follows whatever I tell / ask her to do
  • P-nut who keeps me company late at night and cracks me up sometimes
  • for the people / customers / friends / family friends who admire and buy my stuff
  • for the stockists (Reading Room, MLNW, Dressing Room, F*Art) who continue to carry my stuff at their stores
  • for entrepreneur friends / business contacts who hang out with me and keep me up to date ---- Ish, Radha, Thad, etc etc
  • for Rex who patiently paints my stuff even when I'm sooo kulit
That's the list for now. Will add more when they occur to me :)


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