Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We say goodbye to a dear old friend --- Cookie, our 12 year old Retriever mix. Cookie passed away March 18, 2008, after almost a month of suffering. For years now, after she turned 12, we have been noticing that she was eating less and losing weight. When asked about other options (hospitalization, special diets, etc), our vet Wilma said that because of her old age, Cookie will start to deteriorate and / or die soon. We never thought that she would leave us so soon.

I never did consider Cookie as my "favorite" pet, since my Chihuahua P-nut was already a handful. Not to mention that Cookie was never OUR dog, as she was originally our cousin's.

This is Cookie's last picture, as after dinner, I persuaded my Mom to say her last good byes to a beloved pet. She was still wagging as we patted & stroked her hair.Cookie was, on the night of March 17 (my Dad's birthday), breathing heavily and excreting more blood whenever she defecated. It was time to let her go.

My Mom, with tears rolling down her cheeks, prompted Cookie to let go in peace, since seeing her fighting the battle of old age, made her suffer too. We took a few photos, and we bid our pet our last farewell and retired for the night.

Cookie's story is a very touching one, which I shall narrate maybe in my future entries. Nevertheless, when I discovered her dead and at peace at 1am on March 18, lying at the foot of our staircase, I was sad. Very sad that I even cried myself to sleep. No one should ever experience losing a pet, regardless of what specie and what condition the pet is in. There is no greater sadness than losing someone or something that has been in your life for the past decades.

I hope that Cookie is happy with Net-Net in dog heaven. And maybe, when I'm old and weary, I shall meet all my pets again, including Caramel my hamster.


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