Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome to my world

Hi there!

This will be my new blog from now on :)

Thanks to Peter and Jen whom I recently bumped into last Feb at Isa's party (check out for the pics), I realized how "out of touch" I was in the blogging world. After all, it was through blogging that we all met (Jolo, Marco, Peter, Mikey, etc.) My how time flies by. We've all been friends for 3 years now and altho most of us went our different ways, Jolo, Marco and I still meet and talk occasionally.

Anyway, I've been sick and under house arrest for the past 3 days because my tummy has not been feeling well (Dad says from all the rich, creamy food I've been eating), and so out of boredom (haha!), I've decided to take on blogging again---even if it means just writing down my daily thoughts, rants and whatnots. My life isn't that exciting after all (or is it? hahahaha!)

So.....plans for the new year.

Well...I got featured in 88DB lifestyle --- my first full length feature. Meaning, I'm not sharing it with any other store or designer. Basically I'm not singit anymore. And that's good right? My heartfelt thanks for Romina Tobias for the wonderful article :) You can read the article here: Chained Paintings. Well done Romina! :)

My hand painted necklaces are doing quite well; Morbie Dolls and I will be announcing a Summer sale of 15 - 20% for all our stuff so watch out for that. Morbie Dolls creator and designer Ish is my idol ---she designs and makes everything from scratch. What an amazing feat! I am more of a lax designer (if there is such a thing). If it hits me, then I make designs and stuff. If it doesn't, then I'm stuck in a rut. I guess the bottom line is, I always have to be happy to be able to make new exciting stuff. That means lots of eating.....much to Mark's dismay.

Check out my personalized Morbie created by Ish:


This is how I always look when I'm grumpy (ask Mark!) or when I don't get my way. Haha! Ish did a good job here.
Plans plans plans.

Well, I'm going on vacation on April til May. We're thinking about Bangkok (mainly for shopping), after that I'll definitely be going to Mindanao for a real vacation. But before I leave, I'll be releasing my summer line of hand painted necklaces plus other senseless stuff as well.

Mark on the other hand, has been busy (in every sense of the word) with his T-shirt printing, bike gear & accessories, CIS business and so I have learned to be patient, be friends with his friends/customers, to be interested in bike stuff, and most important of all ---- to use the tracker system of Globe.

It's really pretty easy, and with Globe's GPS, I'll know where Mark is (general area only) at any time of the day. Kala nya makakatakas sya. :p

Oh and before I forget, Happy Chinese New Year! And for all you mouse lovers out there (I loved my hamster!), I've got a special treat in store that'll be released by April :)

So that's it for now. And don't forget to drop by my online shop at EarthlyDelights. You might see something you like, and I might even earn a buck or two :)


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